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3 Easy Ways to Flood Your Website with High-Quality Traffic

#1: TeleSummits & Webinars.  

One of the fastest ways to build your email list and reach new clients is through telesummits and webinars.  My client more than doubled her list by hosting one simple telesummit!  A month ago she had less than 400 people on her list.  Over 500 NEW people — people not already on her list — registered for the telesummit.  So she more than doubled her email list by hosting one telesummit.

My client also sold recordings of the summit.  The revenue from those sales more than paid for the cost to market her telesummit.   In addition to getting 500 new prospective clients on her email list, she actually made a profit on the telesummit.

Three months ago, she wasn’t even sure what the word “telesummit” meant.  So it’s WAY easier than you might think.

How did she do it?Social Media Marketing

1. She chose a topic that was juicy and interesting to her target market.

2. She set a date.

3. She secured a conference line from

4. She decided on a strategy.  Because her primary goal was to use the telesummit to get more clients, she chose to let people to attend the live telesummit for free, and then to sell the recordings to those who couldn’t attend live and/or wanted the recordings.

5. She hustled up talent and invited experts to speak.  She chose people that would be able to deliver value to her target market.  And she went BIG!  In addition to inviting experts from her circle of influence, she also reached out to famous talent.   She got several “no”’s from the big names. But a well-known, New York Times best-selling author said YES!  If you decide that you’re okay with hearing “no,” or not getting a response at all, then you free yourself up to go BIG.

6.  She put up a professionally designed promo page on her website.

7. She spent 6 weeks marketing like crazy.  Here’s what she did:

  • emailed her list and asked them to tell their friends about it,
  • promoted it on her social media pages,
  • required her expert panel to email their lists about it and to promote it to their social media following,
  • reached out to her circle of influence for support,
  • talked about it at networking meetings & events,
  • mentioned it to everyone she ran into,
  • asked her friends and family to help her spread the word,
  • marketed it on her website,
  • blogged about it, and
  • wrote guest posts related to the topic and promoted it in the post’s Resource Box.
  • ran $200 worth of Facebook ads

Webinars are like telesummits, but without the panel of experts.  So webinars are even easier that telesummits, but with less reach.

And, of course, after you do something once, it gets easier the second time around.  Rinse and repeat!


#2: Social Media.

As you know, social media is a great way to stay connected to your current clients & customers.  But how can you use it to attract new clients?

The best answer is provided by Laura Roeder’s Social Media Traffic Generation Master Class, which can be found inside of the Social Media Marketer online classroom & community.  In the class, Laura outlines a simple yet powerful formula for getting free, high-quality traffic to your website from social media.

In her class, Laura takes you step-by-step through her traffic-generation strategy called the “Lighthouse Method.”  A “lighthouse” is content that you send out (or link to), over and over, in order to guide prospective clients that are lost in the sea of information on the Internet.  A lighthouse needs to be your best content.  It’s typically an email opt-in offer (but not always).  Use and re-use lighthouses to guide new people to your website on a regular basis.  In the class, Laura shows you how to automate this strategy by using Hootsuite.

Laura also outlines how to use social media to form relationships with influencers in your buyer community and with people who have the same target market as you do, but who are not competitors.

For example, if you are a professional organizer who works with small businesses to organize their offices, you could form a relationship with an interior designer or feng shui expert in your area who also works with small business owners.  Then ask for opportunities, such as being a featured expert on someone else’s telesummit or Webinar.  Or team up with your new friends to create a telesummit or Webinar.


#3: Video Marketing.

Video marketing is a simple, low-cost solution.  Dominating Google for dozens of targeted keyword phrases with YouTube videos is another fast and easy way to get free high-quality traffic to your website.  In most cases, you don’t need professional-quality videos; your camera phone or Flip will do just fine.  If you feel uncomfortable on camera, make videos with a slideshow or a screencast.Video Marketing

Your videos can be short and simple.  For content, here are three ideas:

  • Identify a common problem for your target market and share a specific strategy for eliminating that problem.
  • Solicit questions via email from your clients or from your general list.  Do a Q&A video for each question you receive.
  • Review on a product related to your business.  For example, if you are a professional organizer you could review various cable & cord organizers.

After you make your video, you need to market it!  Marketing your video requires much more than just filling in your description and tags.  Optimizing and marketing a video properly takes skill and time – about 45-60 minutes per video.  The good news is that you only have to optimize & market once!  You can set it and forget it.

Once you optimize and market, your video will to drive traffic to your website continuously over time.

Bonus: videos have a compounding effect – the more videos you market, the more high-quality traffic you get.

If you want help optimizing and marketing your videos properly, check out these video marketing services.

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  1. Love this! Literally bookmarked it and sent it to a friend I am working on a tele-summit with. I love that it’s just three (not 10!) things to do, and that you made them all seem really simple and approachable. Thanks, sincerely, this article is starting my day off right!

    • Ellen – I’m glad you found it helpful! Thank you for passing it along to others who could benefit. Good luck with your tele-summit! I hope it’s a huge success for you.

  2. Yeah you are right if we follow these instructions so get highly traffic after all these tactics are most important and play the role to get higher ranked in search engines.