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Video Virgin? 3 Keep it Simple Videos to Promote Your Business Without a Film Degree

So – you haven’t done a TON of video to market your business.

No welcome video.

No launch videos.

No weekly Q & A.

You like to write your blog posts and present your content via the written word.

But here’s the hitch.

You’re smart.

You know…how could you not, that video is a great way to market your business.  It’s a great tool to help people get to know you.

But there are so many steps, so much gear you need, it all feels too confusing, overwhelming and impossible.

Not so – it’s time to dip your feet.

It doesn’t matter what’s been stopping you from doing video – the solution is simplicity and homework you can do right away.

3 Videos Anyone Can Create – No Film School Degree Required

Photo credit: Flickr/Stephen

Photo credit: Flickr/Stephen

Now – you probably know Laura has got video marketing down.  If you don’t – check out the videos on the Creating Fame site.

Well, I’ve got 3 types of video that have worked for me too – during launches, to help people get to know me, and in some cases make it difficult to stop getting calls from people who want to work with me.

I know – sounds crazy.

1. The video you do SOMEWHERE ELSE.

You write blog posts and record audio (maybe) … so it doesn’t occur to you that you should or even need to communicate to your nurtured list with through any other medium.

This is where you’re wrong and should consider using the element of surprise, a pattern  interrupt – a chance to get out of your normal environment and speak to your audience, potential readers + customers.

Come up with a fun behind the scenes video that somehow tells the story or your perspective on the topic you teach.  Think of this video as the “why you do what you do video”.

Outline it like it’s a short film or movie – but really just ask someone you know to follow you around through a few normal scenes in your average day doing what you do.

You don’t even have to speak on the video – have the video follow you around, capturing the moments that you outline in the step above.

Have fun with it – and remember that you are presenting the same material, story, and perspective you are known for – but in a different environment.

I usually write blog posts – but for my last launch I did this.

Now – sure – I actually do have a film school degree, but I won’t lie. I was a little worried when I saw the footage from my trip to the Space Needle.  Funny home video – but could this really inspire people to launch? I didn’t think so.

I slapped this video together the day before I released it. I grabbed some royalty free music. And I hoped for the best.

Laura was used to doing videos – but she normally did her videos inside.  The first time we shot Creating Fame vids outside – we did them in the Venice canals – with the ducks quacking in the background and my shaky flip cam skills.

People still ask for the link to those old launch videos – even when we’re not launching Creating Fame!

What you need to shoot this video:  The only requirement for this video is to change location – if you do blog posts or videos inside, take them outside, to a random unexpected location. That’s it.

And if shooting video freaks you out, you could always take a bunch of still images, process them to look “cooler” in Instagram and then pull them into your computer to edit together into a slide show style video.

Either way – your only job is to get out of your office.  Can you do that? Ok good.

2. Create short videos in a series.

Teach simple concepts in short videos.  Then – tie them together as a series.  Post them on YouTube, link back to your blog.

Optimize your description and embed on your blog – just like we talk about in this month’s video marketing course in Social Media Marketer.

This is possibly the most effective video project I did and I didn’t even finish it – Pilates Teaching Tips.

I plotted out the my videos.  Taught one thing in each. Linked back to my site. Shot them in my house – with my webcam. NOTHING FANCY.

To this day – I get weekly requests for pilates classes and also coaching from pilates teachers.  Here’s the series now – where I go over some basic business building lessons for new pilates instructors.

Also – because I optimized the descriptions with specific pilates related keywords, I’m still getting traffic from those videos and questions on how I created them.

3.  Testimonials as case studies.

Photo credit: Dylan Cantwell

Photo credit: Dylan Cantwell

The easiest type of video to create is the case study – all you have to do is get some clients on Skype – record your conversation. Ask them where they were before you worked together, took your course, or learned everything they know about x topic from you.

You can use case studies in blog posts, as interviews, podcasts, and even on your sales page during a launch (or for an infoproduct).

Case studies of any kind – video or not – do one major thing for your business, product, service… they provide social proof.

Social proof is your best friend and lets people know you are legit, what you have to offer rocks, and that other people have spent money working with you (so they should too).

Here are a couple of great case studies for Creating Fame and Fearless Launching from a few launches ago – that people LOVED:

Potent tool for your business

Just as systems, tools, and consistency are important in the growth of your business… so is your marketing plan.  Your strategy must be well-rounded.

You might think you can do 10 million guest posts, post weekly on your blog, put out a newsletter, and you’re good.

But you can’t leave it at that.

Video is the one area you can stand out – and it’s relatively easy to do.  For more detailed advice on how we use video marketing at LKR – see our latest course in Social Media Marketer, Zero to Video Marketing.

Your homework is simple.

1. Make a video.
2. Post it on YouTube.
3. Link it back to your website.
4. Make a blog post on your site with the video embedded.

DOUBLE DARE: Leave a link to a video you make this week in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Anne! This is so wonderful, and certainly spot on. I recommend the use of video to all of my clients for marketing their business, yet it is rarely a tool that I utilize. I am going to make it a priority in 2013 to get more involved with video for my website.. if not a mini series, then certainly an intro video! Thanks for all of the great tips and motivation to get it going!

  2. I would love to learn more about product launch as I am about to send my product out.

  3. Great post Anne. Your ‘somewhere else’ video made me laugh. I am going to have a go at videos once I launch. It would make a great addition to my site and fb page. Thanks Anne.

  4. You did say double dare right?!!

    Great post with some good clear pointers. Thanks.

    Here is my video from today.

    Here is the blog post wit it embedded.

    Not happy with the lighting so need to work on that!

    • This is awesome Jill!!! I love seeing people take action like this. Lighting can always improve…you did the hard part of actually putting something in motion.

  5. Ooooo great post, and a very important topic indeed as video becomes more and more important. I’ve just jumped on the bandwagon myself, although I may find it a little easier than some because my background is in production.

    Here’s my video for this week, 5 Mantras to Supercharge Your Business:

    While this one was shot outside and I really like the natural light, I invested a few hundred dollars in a lighting kit for indoor videos and it completely changed the look of the video. You definitely don’t need that to begin, but Amazon has some affordable options once you’ve tried video for a bit and are ready to take it to the next level.

    Great post!

    • Natalie – this is a great video! Thanks for sharing it and also giving the sneaky hint about Amazon. You are right – there are several lighting kits from Amazon that are a steal…
      I love your 5 mantras – btw!

  6. I did it!

    Here is the YouTube link:

    Here is the link to the blog post with the video:

    Nice to see you hear Anne!

    • Kimberly! yahoo! you are such a doll and I could see your little one there hanging on your arm during the interview.

      Thanks for sharing… and nice to see you here too!


  7. I love video, but am really awkward and weird in front of a camera… Appreciate the tips. I actually posted this video on Friday but its a whole new style of video for us at GRCC.
    Green Rock Connect on Social Customer Service

  8. Hey Anne and Laura,

    Total synchronicity on this. I actually just made my first ever video and did all of the homework, link, blog and all. I feel really good that I had all of these little tid bits of advice taken care of. *Pat on back*

    All I can say is, it took twice as long as I thought. I really recommend having a trusted friend look at it before you send it out. I would have sent out a sub-par effort without a valued opinion.

    Here is the link to my post:

    Here is the YouTube link:

  9. Made a video! Thanks for the tips and push of encouragement

    How do you link it back to your site once you’ve uploaded on youtube? And is there way to embed the video through wordpress? I only added it through wordpress “media” image, but it only gives a hyperlink, not a video frame on the post.

    Thanks! Love the dash!!


    • Erika – WordPress has a nice little feature that many people don’t know about. If you just copy and paste the URL for your YouTube video inside a blog post or a page it will automatically embed it for you!

      If you need more control over the video size or options, then on the YouTube page for the video there is a “Share” link underneath the video. Click that, then click Embed. You’ll have to copy & paste that into the HTML area of a post (click the Text tab above the editor before pasting).

      • Shelley Johnson says:

        Matthias – Thanks for the info. Is there a way to limit the video feed to only my specific video? After the video plays, other unrelated you-tub selections show on the screen. It is distracting to blog content. Thank you.

      • Yes. If you get the embed code from the YouTube video itself it will have a checkbox that says “Show suggested videos when the video finishes.” Make sure that isn’t checked! WordPress seems to show related videos at the end by default.

      • Thanks! It worked :)

  10. Thanks for your encouragement. Being over sixty and not familiar with technology others take for granted, the idea of making a video was a bit daunting.
    My teenage son filmed me on his mobile phone and uploaded it to YouTube for me.
    This is my first video. We filmed it last Friday. I’m excited and hope to do more.

    • I love this video! Did you embed it on your website??

      You’ve got great energy and I’m so glad you used the tools you had (a mobile phone) and just went for it!

      Great job!
      Anne :)

  11. How can I resist a double dare? It’s late January here in Santa Barbara & I finally got around to propagating my Coleus. Here’s the video:

  12. Oh my god this was a really big DEAL! I shot another version of this two days ago and it took me two hours I was so nervous I looked very serious. Not good.

    Here’s the embedded link on my front page and the youtube is here –

    I pulled myself together and created this today – I’m still a bit tight in it but overall I’m reasonably pleased ha!

    Thank you VERY much for pushing me to do this. There will be more coming as I get friendly with my on camera self and get used to SMILING a bit more.
    With love from England!