5 Steps to Become a More Abundantly Happy Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you are likely familiar with feeling chills going down your spine when you are doing something completely new and “risky”. Or perhaps you see the visual image of your new project in your mind’s eye and you feel your heart starting to race with excitement. Or maybe you recall the time when you woke up in the middle of the night with the sounds or images of what may bring you to the completion of another phase in your life. At that point, you may have felt such a surge of energy that you just vibrated with your feelings and thoughts for a while before you managed to fall asleep.

And the list of the entrepreneur’s life expressions goes on…

You are here to be of service to others and you want your business to help you thrive on all levels. Here are some of the tips that will support your abundant happiness in your business and life.

giving-receiving-balance1. The act of giving and receiving. It starts with your breath. Awareness of your breath is the first step to creativity, abundance, and health. It’s an act of constant giving and receiving. This flow applies very much to your business and your personal life. Think of your inhale as receiving and exhale as giving. Allow for balance between the two as you likely know that too much giving will “shrink” you and excess receiving may make you “burst” like a balloon.

Did you know that in some ancient Asian traditions a person’s age is not measured by the number of years but by the number of breaths taken? One simple tool you can use to remind yourself of your breathing is your calendar. Set up regular reminders (every hour or so) to become conscious of your breath. This simple process may not only help you become a better business person but may just reduce your biological age as well.

2. Practice acceptance. Has it happened to you that something didn’t work out the way you wanted it? Maybe your last project or meeting with a client? Did you feel like you want to scream, “No this is not what I want!” Or perhaps you tightened up inside and wished things were different? I cannot say enough about acceptance. No matter what the present moment brings, accept it and then choose your action.

Going with the flow will unfold new opportunities and new ways of looking at things.

3. Treasure your life’s checking and savings account. I am a big fan of ancient oriental wisdom. One thing that I embraced many years ago was the concept of my life’s energy. When we are born, we come to this world with a supply of finite life energy. Think of it as your savings account that cannot be replenished. We were also awarded with another supply of energy that we can replenish easily with the way we eat, live, move, think, feel, etc. Keep depositing into your checking account daily with a healing and balanced lifestyle in order to keep your savings account for the later years of your life or major emergencies.

new-opportunities4. Nurture the feeling of abundance. Often people think that abundance means owning things, being highly regarded by others or having a famous name. While all these aspects do add value, abundance is really a state of one’s mind. You can have all the fame, fortune, and money in the world but if you don’t feel abundant within, nothing will get you there. My advice: Nurture your inner state of abundance daily. Hold the feeling of abundance within you and cherish it like your breath.

5. Determine your representational system. What is the primary way you tend to process challenges now – kinesthetic, visual, or auditory? Next time you deal with a challenge, write down how you experience the process. Don’t edit, just write.

Then, awhile later, pick up the piece of paper and notice carefully what you wrote down. Did you experience the moment through sensations and feelings? Did you have images or did you hear sounds?

Try this exercise a few times noticing your tendency to process challenges. If you find yourself predominantly expressing yourself through one representational system only, try to uncover new ways of looking at things. (i.e. if you found yourself processing challenges mainly through sensations and feelings, practice expressing yourself visually through drawings or imagine hearing words of someone you admire). Side-effect: You may learn some really exciting things about yourself! If you find it difficult to do it on your own, find a partner in this process (whether a friend or a professional).

And for those days when you feel you need a boost to your immune system, to your creativity, to your sleep, I suggest you check out my recording called Journey Within. It will take you on a journey within yourself to reach the incredible resources that are available to you. Allow yourself to float with ocean waves in this peaceful, guided relaxation and visualization. Remember that everything you desire is within you.

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  1. Jennifer Bernstein says:

    Edita–I love what you say about giving and receiving in relation to breathing. When I’m working on a big project, I often find that I’m holding my breath, which winds up leaving me feeling constricted. I do need to set up little reminders to check in with myself!

  2. Thank you, Edita for your post. I especially liked the reminder that we have a finite amount of breaths in our life, yet we can replenish our energy through how we nourish ourselves. The metaphor of the savings and checking account is useful! What we can control and what we cannot.

    As entrepreneurs, we can get frazzled when we are launching a program or overextending ourselves in our work. It is so important to account for how we spend our energy. Otherwise, our bodies will give us loving feedback.


  3. So glad you like the post, Tera. I find the savings/chequing account metaphor useful myself and use it as a constant reminder :-)

    – Edita

  4. The analogy of giving and receiving when it comes to one’s breath is really helpful for many people and I am so happy it caught your attention, Jennifer! Setting up a reminder on your calendar is a great way to help you bring your attention back to your body and your breath.