10 Surefire Ways to Build Your Online Influence

Just because you are a solopreneur, doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself!  By concentrating on building a loyal, enthusiastic and supportive community around your business, you can create amazing opportunities for collaboration, get more clients & sales & build your expert reputation.

zero-hero-social-mediaBut how do you go from zero to hero when you are just starting out and the only people following what you are doing are your mum, your best friend and your sister?

Here’s how its done:

1. Make a list

Put together a list of the people you want in your network. Mars Dorian suggests no more than 150 people tops to keep it manageable and personal. Include people whose ideas you admire, people doing kick-arse stuff in your niche – and out of it, people you would like as your clients, clients you already have, people you can help, people who can help you. These are the people you want to inform, inspire & support you and your business!

To make is easy to keep track of everyone on your list, add them to a Google + circle, Facebook interest list, Twitter list … Then start connecting!

Pen and Notebook

Photo credit: Thana Thaweeskulchai

2. Create a Facebook business page

If your business is not on Facebook yet, you could be missing out on a great opportunity to build your community. Once you have your page set up, take some time to ‘Like’ some of the pages on your list, and leave thoughtful comments on their status updates on a regular basis.  It’s a great way to get yourself on their radar – and that of their fans!

3.  Join a group

Find yourself a ready-made community of like-minded entrepreneurs. There is something for everyone out there. You can go from zero to network in a matter of moments – which means access to feedback and support for your ideas, events & product launches, help with marketing & promotions, collaboration opportunities, accountability, encouragement, advice ….

4. Give generously

Write great blog posts that share your knowledge, make sure your free opt-in offers are full of your best work, answer questions, help people just starting out in your niche or industry learn the ropes … Generosity does not go unnoticed and is a great way to establish your expertise and to build your tribe.

5.  Share

Photo credit: SalFalko

Photo credit: SalFalko

Share ideas, information, blog posts, books. Know someone who loves Seth Godin’s work and just seen a fab giveaway of his latest book? Tell them about it . Got a contact who is trying to get her head around SEO and just read a great blog post? Send it their way. Had a great idea that just isn’t right for your biz, but know someone who might like to make it happen?  Pass it on

6. Curate other people’s content

Like, retweet, pin, share … if you like it or gain something valuable from it, pass it on. It usually shows up in their notifications that you have shared their content – and it provides a valuable stream of content for you to build your own social media following.

7.  Make introductions

Referrals are great for business … and we all want more business right? Start connecting your people. If you know a great designer and hear of someone in your network looking for a new logo design, hook them up!

8. Create valuable content

Be consistent in creating content that your people can use, recommend to their networks, and gain real value from. This doesn’t have to just be blog posts. Try video, audio, images, answer questions on Quora or LinkedIn, join forums or LinkedIn groups and contribute useful stuff. Do what works for you & your biz – just make it good!

9.  Be original

If you do what everyone else is doing, you won’t stand out. Use your own voice, tell your own story. Experiment ,play and see what works for your audience.

10. Reach out

Start the conversation.  Got someone you want to connect with? Say “Hi” on Twitter, leave a useful comment on a blog post, send an email. The easiest way to get started building your online influence is to just make a start and stay consistent.

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  1. Great stuff. But I do find it interesting you reference Seth Godin and sharing when I just saw a post of his that says we should stop sharing other content (actually he specifically said re-tweet) and create more original content.

    I like sharing stuff. Not everything has to be original. There are only so many new ways to the the same things (find prospects, close prospects, serve clients). If someone has already said it, or can say it better than me I rather just share it than find a different way to say.

  2. Great Tips. For point 3. Join A Group I would suggest trying “Circles” in Google Plus. You can do a search like “Bloggers Circle” and find groups of bloggers in someone’s circle and add them to your network.

  3. Sharing others’ content is a huge part of building relationships. Great post, Meg!

  4. Hey Meg
    I appreciate the break down and the way you laid it out in bite sized chunks. It does seem a bit overwhelming when one is starting a new business, so having a practical list of actionable steps is invaluable. Thank you!

  5. Super post. Love the break down. It amazes me how all it takes is a few simple steps done well and repeatedly.

  6. Great content post. I will be implementing these simple steps into my business asap.