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Catherine Just

Being Present for the Moments that Matter

In the United States, over half of us regularly check our email during family gatherings.

We pack in about 30 hours of (unpaid) overtime at work, every month. And we’re becoming renowned as one of the most “vacation-deprived” nations in the world.

Bottom line? We are very, very busy people. Or at least, we think we need to be.

What I’ve found is that when I allow myself to get out of my own way and stop striving, pushing and doing, my world actually expands and I experience more abundance, deeper connection and success.

I’m taking a stand for un-busyness. And I’d like to share a few ways to slow down, connect deeply with your loved ones, and show up for the moments that matter. (You can even bring your cell phone … as long as it has a camera.)

1. Take a photo every day of one moment that occurs regularly in your routine. It could be the morning coffee, your breakfast, a photo of your feet as you leave the house on your way to work, dinner with family, etc. Make this easy. Start to notice how the light falls on these moments in your life.

Photo credit: Catherine Just

Photo credit: Catherine Just

This one act will shift your perception and get you back in your body if you are busy listening to your mind chatter away about your to-do list. I experienced this myself with nap time. I was so ready to have ME time and my son wouldn’t take his nap. I decided to take a photo every day of this frustrating time and it became the most sacred moment in my day. I now have a documentation of over 2 years of nap time with my son. You can see some of the images HERE.

busy-people2. Ask your family to get involved in a daily project with you. Like hunting for heart shapes everywhere. Photograph your findings. Once you start to notice them in the shape of a leaf, a milk spill on the floor, a heart shaped rock, etc…You will see them everywhere. This helps you look outside yourself rather than always thinking the same thoughts and doing the same things.

This also helps when creating new products and services in your business. It expands your world, and helps your creative juices flowing more freely. Doing something outside your usual routine can help you remember there is so much more out there to experience, and it helps connect you with who is right in front of you.

3. Write handwritten love notes to the people who mean the most. Yep. We’ve all heard this one before. But what if that person is YOU? Yes, you heard me. Write the letter to YOURSELF. Write out what you love and value about yourself. Seal that bad boy up and put it away where you won’t find it for a long while. Taking time to be generous toward yourself? You can’t keep it unless you give it away. Now that you’ve shared the love you have for yourself with yourself, write some love notes to your family. Hide them around the house. See if and when they discover them. Instead of writing that blog post last minute….Get up out of your seat and go hide a love note.

4. Say no. Saying no gives you space to breathe. Space gives you more time to power lounge. Power lounging (the art of doing nothing in a luxurious way) brings more ease and flow. Saying no allows more space for you to say YES to yourself, your life right here and now, and that is always a good thing. Here are 30 more mantras for people who over work.

5. Join a community of like-minded people who are all ready to deepen. This adds to the momentum of not-doing. Entrepreneurs, busy mamas and papas, business owners, 9-5 employees. We are BUSY. We have “important” things to DO. But what if we all take a stand for DEEPENING what already IS. I’m pretty sure that everything you are striving for will come to you that much easier.


My own experience of becoming un-busy is about learning new habits, and practicing them daily. Giving myself permission to trust that all is well allows me to actually enjoy my life more and love the people around me. What’s the point in all this striving if I’m not really in the room to enjoy my life? If I’m in my head all the time – I’m missing the moments that matter. And then life slips by without me. While I’m making my big plans, my family is creating memories.

So this is my way to declare my un-busy and Deepen. I invite you to join me.

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  1. LOVE this post! I tend to be a workaholic – and although I get a lot done, I miss out on a lot too. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and savor. :)

  2. what a brilliant article. Absolutely love your tips and completely agree with your mantra to be unbusy. Will definitely be joining you on twitter. And your photo album is too beautiful. Take care Sue