The Secret to Creating an Amazing Brand That You Can Implement Today

Every great business deserves great branding and it isn’t something that’s reserved for the big shots.

Do you want to know the little secret to great branding? It’s consistency.

Consistency in your communication develops trust. And people buy from people they trust.

The 5 key areas you can achieve brand consistency are:

  • a clear recognizable logo (this has to really connect with your customer and be easily recognized, even at a small size)
  • a brand color palette (of course there are exceptions but as a general rule, you want to stick to 4 brand colors)
  • a set of brand fonts (as a base, you want to select fonts for your headings, subheadings and body copy.)
  • your tone of voice (this applies to all areas of your communication: website copy, newsletter, promo material, social media updates, public speaking engagements, client consultations, etc.)
  • the imagery you use in your communication (invest in a few key brand images and a good headshot. Brand images can be shot by your photographer or you can buy stock images if you are looking for generic or lifestyle shots.)

TIP: use the same headshot everywhere. On your about page, your Facebook profile pic, Twitter avatar, on guest posts, etc. This creates familiarity and your tribe will start to look at you as the expert in your industry.

Why is consistency so important?

It positions you as the ‘go to’ person in your industry.

emotional-buyingFundamentally, we buy based on an emotional need. We sign up with the personal trainer because we want to feel fit and healthy. We hire the accountant because we feel overwhelmed with our finances and want to feel supported and taken care of. We choose the car because we want the lifestyle in the ad: the happy couple parked up on the beach in their new SUV, surfboard on the roof, tent in the back.

If you are regarded as the expert in your industry, people will naturally want to buy from you. They want a piece of your genius.

It sets a strong foundation for your business to flourish

Investing in good branding in the early days of your business sets a standard. You should design with your bigger vision in mind. Not for where you are today. This creates momentum and pulls you forward towards your big goals.

It creates focus and brings clarity

Don’t you love the feeling after you have de-cluttered your wardrobe? Standing back and looking at everything arranged by colour on pretty wooden hangers feels so uplifting and clarifying. Getting dressed in the morning no longer involves a stressed out rummage through clothes that are old and no longer fit.

A clear, concise brand feels the same.

You feel confident and focused on what you have to offer and your customers will feel this too.

So it’s time to take action. Set aside 10 minutes today to do a brand audit on your business. Ask yourself:

  • Does my brand represent where I am today or my bigger vision?
  • If a new customer lands on my Facebook page, is my message consistent with my website?
  • Do my blog posts, sales copy, tweets and status updates have the same tone? Does it sound like the real me?
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vari-longmuirVari Longmuir is owner of Buttercup Ink, an online branding and graphic design studio. She works with entrepreneurs and small businesses as their virtual in-house designer creating a consistent brand and helping them take fast action on their big ideas as their business flourishes.

She also offers an online easy-to-follow Photoshop workshop to teach business owners how to create their own branded social media graphics.


  1. Great post – would you extend this to your wardrobe as well? So for any photos, videos, or live appearances wear your brand colours? For example, my main colour is red, so when I’m out and about at network events and so forth I’ll either wear a red jacket or have some item of clothing in red. I’ve even had people remember me because I ‘match’ my business card :)

  2. Great article Vari. I’d just like to offer some advice on this to Jane. I’d say it is super important that you stand out as a personal brand in your business. I help female entrepreneurs develop their style and personal brand so that they can ‘turn up the volume’ on who they are in their business for success and visibility.

    I’m more in favour of you wearing colours that work for you but choosing clothes that determine how you show up in your business and to communicate your values. I call it your ‘style sleeve’ values, so communicating your personality, your values and your ethos in your signature style and how you present yourself so that it resonates with your clients. Steve Jobs had a very recognisable ‘style sleeve’ set of values. He was recognisable as his own entity and the popular CEO.

    The same way that Vari has described the process for a business, the same needs to follow with the entrepreneur themselves. People buy people, humanness, transparency…… You have use your clothes and your personal brand to get visible, positively reflect who you are to sell yourself and your business.

    • Awesome advice, Samantha!

      I love your ‘style sleeve’ idea. I didn’t think I had a signature look as such until a client said that vintage glasses an cropped hair is my ‘look’! I think if it’s authentic and effortless, it naturally comes through.

      Vari x

  3. I *utterly love* this post. Branding & consistency within your brand is SO very important. For one it sets you apart, it establishes your expertise as you said, and it’s just nice to know clearly who you’re talking to. This is some of the absolute best & clearest I’ve read about branding! I <3 it! *now to share with my tribe, ad infinitum!*

    • Thanks, Arcadia! I’m so happy you found it helpful! Branding can be a confusing area for businesses, especially start-ups, but it doesn’t have to be. Less is more!

      Vari x