5 Blogs You’ll Wish We Had Mentioned Sooner

I love blogs. Business, travel, lifestyle: you can find every shape of content on the planet with the right link.

But I’m just like most of my customers: I need about 15 extra hours every week to stay on top of all the great blog posts constantly being published.

So I have to limit myself. That’s why I have a select group of blogs that I check in on regularly.

Here are my 5 faves that I always make time for. They aren’t the new-post-every-day kind of blogs, so when their fresh content lands on your RSS reader, you can count on it being extraordinary.


Conversion Rate Experts

I’m obsessed with the conversion rate case studies that this company openly shares with its readers. You can actually follow along with what they’ve done for clients and apply it to your business. There are tons of great resources on this site.

The Must-Read Posts:

Quick Sprout

I love this blog because its SUPER practical – Neil gives these really detailed play-by-plays explaining different online marketing techniques and exactly how to carry them out. Best of all, they really work!

The Must-Read Posts:


If only Patrick would blog more often! But when he does, you can’t miss it. I love the real-deal, in-the-trenches stories that he shares. Some content may look like it’s all about programming, but there’s always something valuable in every post.

The Must-Read Posts:

Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer is a tool we use and love here at LKR. Their blog features really interesting split tests and their conclusions that you can apply to your business. I love split tests and am always on the lookout for ideas for new ones!

The Must-Read Posts:


One of my all time favs, this is the terrific blog of a friend of mine, Derek Sivers. Derek is humble, insightful and incredibly wise. His posts never fail to make me stop and think, be it about business or about life in general.

The Must-Read Posts:

What are YOUR favorite blogs? Let us know in the comments by leaving a link to your favorite post!

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Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant.


  1. just checked out neil patel’s blog. It was pretty insightful!

  2. Thanks for this, Laura. I hear ya on the 15 extra hours a week just to read blogs! I have a new commitment to “no screen time” post 9pm and my blog reading has suffered. BUT, I’m reading more books, and my eyes get a rest from the computer, and my fiance gets more of me in natural lighting, all of which are worth it.

    When I DO read blogs, I cover three categories:
    Copywriting: http://www.seocopywriting.com/blog/
    Finances: http://www.dailyworth.com/
    Web Design: http://css-tricks.com/

  3. good ones! I love Derek’s too! Hopefully some day I’ll be on your list (bonus points as fellow Venecian? although you may have moved…) anyway, it’s http://www.glad.is – thanks for all the inspiration, Laura!

  4. This is great, Laura — thanks for sharing the list. There are a couple on here that I hadn’t read before and I’m always on the hunt for good blogs.

    My current favorite is Paul Jarvis — he’s a web designer and a great writer. I’m not a designer but I love reading his articles because they’re written for entrepreneurs who want to bootstrap their businesses. This is a great post of his: http://pjrvs.com/reader/

  5. Hi, Laura. I agree these are really nice blogs. As to my favourite one I’d like to mention Kim Roach and her traffic mentor blog. She really writes great posts. But there is lack of communication between the author and readers of the blog …

  6. I was glad to see Quick Sprout on the list. That is my all time favorite.

    Have you heard of Gregory Ciottis blog? It’s called sparringmind.com and it’s amazing too. It looks at psychology as it applies to things like productivity, time management and business.

    • Erin @ LKR says:

      Quick Sprout is awesome! Haven’t heard of that blog, but will definitely check it out!

  7. Great list and a few here that I hadn’t heard of before that I will check out right away…and probably become obsessed with just like you!

  8. Thanks, Laura, will visit them all!

  9. Oh, great sites, I will visit them definitley over the weekend!

  10. Zenhabits.net, great place to bring you back to your center.