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People ask me these 3 questions a lot…

  • How long does it really take to get your business started?
  • When do you get to see if what you’re doing will actually work?
  • What was the one thing that really made an impact on your business?
Photo credit: Horia Varlan

Photo credit: Horia Varlan

And I see the disappointment in their eyes when they discover the truth of what it really takes to start getting all those juicy, coveted results.

Let me explain.

3 years with LKR has been an amazing business laboratory in motion.

Some experiments included:

  • Split-testing optin pages, sales pages, forms, emails, you name it.
  • Trying out new methods of generating leads + new subscribers
  • Seeing how different launch strategies worked, didn’t work, or underperformed
  • Testing different types of products ranging from physical to online to in person workshops
  • Witnessing the customer lifecycle from start to spark
  • Launching + re-launching products

Why do I tell you this? Because I’ve seen firsthand all the work, day in and day out that goes into getting “results”.

The point here is – when I get asked “how long does it take” or “what was the turning point”, I literally laugh out loud a little.

I used to scour the web looking for the same answers – following a trail of clues or supposed bread crumbs that would lead me to that one thing – oh yes that thing that would turn everything around.

I never found it, but I kept trying. I kept learning.

All the while – I took consistent action. Not getting it right all the time, but plugging away.

I came back to the computer day after day to learn something new.

Photo credit: Mikkel Rønne

Photo credit: Mikkel Rønne

Funny thing happened while I kept taking action, kept layering on strategies that worked and stopped doing what didn’t work…

My business started to blossom.

And so – I continue to layer and layer and layer…

So the answer to your question – if you’re wondering how long it takes to build a business, to start seeing results, to start making money?

Keep working, keep learning, keep adding new things and keep the good stuff that works, get rid of what doesn’t work.


And remember these 5 things that are really what’s responsible for most small business success…

1. Consistency
2. Tenacity
3. Belief
4. Action
5. Always be learning and applying…

That’s it.

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Anne Samoilov is the creator of Fearless Launching - a program teaching entrepreneurs how to pull off their first launch. Each month, she’ll come in here and write about managing launches, teams, and setting up systems to keep you productive and your business growing. Check her out on Facebook!


  1. This was such a good article! Love how short and to the point it is! Anne, you always rock it, girlfriend! I have to absolutely agree with you on this topic. I’ve read somewhere (I’m horrible with sources) that you have to commit to something for at least 6 months to see results. It’s absolutely true. Consistency is definitely the key – I totally fell of that wagon but getting back on!

    Love ya’ll at LKR!!! <3

  2. Good post. TenaciTAY :-) That’s almost my middle name.

  3. I was hoping for a clear line in the sand to help get results instantly. You are right, good things come to those that wait, in this case, those that action.

  4. This was a fantastic article. My business partner assures me of these things almost daily. He says you will never go wrong with taking action and consistency will eventually pay off. He is big on reading, learning, absorbing as much as he can everyday. This just reiterates what I already know.

  5. Lovely. My mantra is consistency, persistence and action! In my mind, if I live by these, I will make it!!

  6. I´m a thai massage teacher, and I´m starting an online business. Your post was very helpful and inspiring, thank you! Greetings from Spain.

  7. I will always keep this in mind – “Keep working, keep learning, keep adding new things and keep the good stuff that works, get rid of what doesn’t work.” Thanks for the very inspiring and helpful article.