The Secret Source of Your Next 52 Blog Posts

Give me a piece of paper and a pen and I’ll give you 52 ideas for blog posts.

I’m not joking! It really is that easy to come up with content ideas. And I’m not talking about what you’ll find in generic lists pulled off the Internet. I’ve already got them all in my head, and so do you. How do I know?

Because all the content you need is INSIDE your business. You are your most valuable source of information for your company, and you’re giving it away on micro levels every single day whenever you talk about your business. Your blog is a chance to share that same information and know-how to a larger audience.


Here are 6 examples of the content ideas that you’re already talking about:

  1. Those frequently-asked questions. Even if you have a FAQ section on your website, these are the topics that potential customers care about the most.
  2. What’s your process? This is a great topic (or series of topics) if your product or service is a little out of the ordinary. That said, even more mainstream businesses have lots of details they can clarify (like shipping rates, return policies, how to request an estimate) on their blogs.
  3. The topics and issues that spark the most comments on social media pages. For example, last month we saw that a LOT of people on our Facebook page had tons to say about the question of working with your significant other. We could talk about that topic for days, especially since we all work remotely, and often in the same space as our partners. So we scheduled different posts about that specific topic spread out over the next several months.spouse-work
  4. Your mission. What better way to make you and your business stand out than by being very straightforward about why you do what you do?
  5. about-lkrThe barriers to sales. You’ll find a boatload of great ideas if you put yourself in the shoes of potential customers and think about the reasons they don’t become customers. A major barrier for our community is time: they feel they can’t go through enough of the Social Media Marketer courses each month; after all, we’re talking about people who have TONS on their plate! (Editor’s note: Social Media Marketer has since been discontinued.) Not only do we understand that concern, but we can completely relate to it, so we make sure to offer tips on improving productivity in our blog.
  6. Correcting misinformation. Another kind of a barrier that you want to break down for potential customers is misinformation. Thanks to the Internet, we have access to more opinions than we know what to do with. Take some of the issues that uninformed people are getting wrong about your industry and clarify them with clear and honest blog posts.
Image credit: Philippa Willitts

Image credit: Philippa Willitts

If you think this information is way too basic, don’t let that stop you: it’s going to be REALLY informative for your potential customers. So take out your own notepad, digital or otherwise, and start knocking out the topics for your blog’s next 52 posts!

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  1. Omg! Laura I feel like your in my head. I just asked this question yesterday and the universe sends this post in my newsfeed on Facebook. Thank you I know what I’m doing this weekend.

  2. Erin @ LKR says:

    Hey Malaika! So glad to hear this was helpful for you. Try it out–you’ll get some great posts out of it!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this, Laura!

  4. Melanie Lundheim says:

    Great post. I just wrote 52 blog post titles within 10 minutes.