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A Simple Tweak that Will Immediately Increase Your Product/Service Sales

For those of you who are moms — Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

I’m not a mom yet, but I am in awe of those of you who are moms.  Being a mom is no easy feat!   Last year I spent Mother’s Day with my grandma.  Shortly after that day, she passed away, so I’m grateful I had that time with her.  During our time together we ate dinner and talked about what life was like before zip lock bags, cell phones, and Target store. (Some of my favorite things!)

Before all that, there was a time of paper bags & plastic wrap, rotary-dial phones, and the corner store on Main Street.  It was also a time of (now) shockingly inappropriate advertisements.

As crazy and inappropriate some of those vintage ads are, some of them actually worked at the time!
Why is that?
They work because of the strategy used.

You can use this same strategy in your business (without being inappropriate!)

The strategy is “results-based messaging.

People don’t actually care about your product or service, they care about the result it will create for them.  If you truly understand this concept and use it in your business, you will sell far more products and services.

Let’s look at the cola ad as an example.  The ad reads:

“…tests…have proven that babies who start drinking soda during that early formative period have a much higher chance of gaining acceptance and ’fitting in’ during those awkward preteen and teen years… do your child a favor … for a lifetime of guaranteed happiness.”

The messaging for cola didn’t describe the product.  It simply stated the results of using the product (e.g. guaranteed happiness!), or in this case, the result they claimed their product produced, albeit not true.
Of course I recommend that you’re HONEST in your messaging and in your claims of the results your products and services will produce for your customers.
Here’s another example, with some back story.  As you read the back story, put yourself in my shoes, just as you would put yourself in the shoes of your customers!
Recently, I had my regular dental cleaning and checkup.  To my dismay, my dentist informed me that I have three spots that are “almost cavities” and that, to prevent them from becoming cavities, I need to be diligent about flossing and using mouth wash daily, and to use special toothpaste.
Ugh!  My first bad dental checkup.  I’ve never had a cavity and plan to keep it that way!
So to prevent the cavities from forming, I made a pact with myself to floss daily, I bought the $16 toothpaste from my dental clinic and set out to to get some mouth wash.   I went to Target, of course; one of my favorite things!  I  found myself surrounded by a seemingly endless sea of mouth wash.
Most the bottles said things like “antiseptic,” “kills germs,” and “fluoride protection.”   “Hmmm…,” I thought.  “I’m not sure I need or want any of that.”
Then I spotted a pretty, purple bottle that had a sticker on the lid which read “Ensures Good Dental Checkups”.
“Ok, I know I want that!”
I looked down at the label and I saw the words: “Prevents cavities, whitens teeth, restores enamel.”…
This pretty purple bottle of mouth wash was at least $2 more than all of the others – that’s about 20%-30% more.
Why was I willing to pay 20%-30% more for this mouth wash, and without hesitation?

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 9.22.46 AM

Because they (Listerine) told me what I was going to get out of it – they focused on results.

This pretty purple bottle of Listerine might be exactly the same as all of the other mouth wash options – they might be an antiseptic, they probably kills germs, and they might have fluoride in them. But I don’t care about any of that.  Those things don’t mean anything to me (directly) when I’m looking to have my dentist say “No cavities!”

Listerine brand figured out what I care about, the direct result I want, and then they promised to deliver that result.

People will line up for your products and services and pay premium dollar for them if you have results-based messaging. Click to TWEET THAT!
Of course you need to be able to deliver the results you promise.  I think that goes without saying.  But just case, I’m saying it.
This week, take a look at your messaging (your tag line, product descriptions, website copy, ads, sales pages, and so on).

Are they results-based?  If not, fix ’em up!

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  1. Thanks Heidi! I loved this article. I’ve incorporated benefits into everything I write for my website, but haven’t gone over anything with a fine-tooth comb when it comes to being results-oriented. I think in some ways these can be synonymous, right? Like “increase your energy” is both a benefit and a result? Thanks again!

    • Rachael,
      I dont think they are synonymous. I would say “increase energy” as a benefit and something like. “Have the energy to go out Friday night (even after working all week)” as your result. Like Heidi said, customers might not know exactly what you mean by “increase energy” (are we talking working out, getting through the workday, getting going in the morning, etc). its like the mouthwash. I know what kills germs means, but what is the result? just my two cents.

  2. Carlie Hamilton says:

    Simply fantastic post Heidi! It has me thinking about what results do I provide? I really need to nail it down to something concrete, cause right now I feel like I’m in the realm of the airy fairy.

  3. Such a great reminder!
    Trying to take care of them all, some things slip outside of the daily attention span, so thank you so much for this.

  4. Ok, I am in love…why, because I am a dental hygienist turned oral health coach that sells not only natural based products (ggrrrr on Listerine and 16$ fluoride toothpaste), but I also have an e-course that teaches you how to be effective with your home care without shoving floss and fluoride down your throat…..(mainly because they are ineffective, and don’t tackle the issue of bacteria, which is really what creates cavities and gum disease!!)

    What I struggle with is helping people understand that what we typically do in when it comes to taking care of our mouth is what either our parents taught us, or the snippets we get at the end of a dental hygiene appointment….or even worse, what mainstream media says (because I promise you, the solution isn’t in that bottle, nor is it in the toothpaste, nor is it really in flossing… is simply knowing HOW to adapt your toothbrush to get into that area, what products work on changing the acidity that in plaque, and how to stop plaque from forming…..sorry, I just had to give you my honest opinion)

    Message received loud and clear, now let’s see if I can just implement it into my posts! GREAT POST BY THE WAY! You nailed it on this one!!
    Thank you, thank you thank you…and good luck on tackling that “almost cavity” issue! I’ll gladly send you my favorite flossing alternative if you reach out and let me know you want to try it :)
    It will get into those nooks and crannies like nobodies business and clean better than any ol piece of string!