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How to Get All Those Online Courses Spoon Fed and Digested Without Lifting a Finger

How many online courses, workshops, products have you purchased in the last 6 months?  Most people running business online will probably say 1…but I bet they are hiding the 3 other courses they also purchased.


I know – I’ve got a little info product habit I USED to hide too!

Now – there are many reasons why we do this – why we have the need to buy so many darn courses.

  • We want to learn new things
  • We respect the person teaching – and know our business will benefit
  • We want to see the format and content being taught by our competitors

It’s all about expansion and growth.

But here’s the thing with those concepts – making a purchase doesn’t mean you’re growing.

If you’re anything like me – you probably have several courses that you are still trying to complete and actually apply to your business.

Am I right?

Well – that’s what today’s post is all about:

  • How to get the benefit of the courses without having to stress out or make time to actually consume them
  • An easy strategy for getting all your courses done and done – AND benefit your entire business
  • How to know what to implement and what to toss out – i.e. why it’s okay not to listen


Find the why or save your money

In a recent post about how to make sure you actually benefit from taking an online course, I talk about being really clear on why you’re purchasing something.

Having an intended goal or what you hope to accomplish as a result of your purchase is really important.

So make sure you have a clear why before you purchase any course, workshop or conference ticket.

Reason numero uno NOT TO BUY: because you’re afraid you’re going to miss something.

Seriously – stop playing the “I want to hang out with the cool kids” game.  The only person you need to answer to is yourself.

Does the purchase have value that you can apply to your own business? Answer and then proceed if you say yes and can clearly state the why.

How to Tom Sawyer your business education (a little)

Here at LKR we’ve talked about how to Tom Sawyer your business – inside some of our programs like Creating Fame and Social Media Marketer.

This might seem like a bad idea, but stick with me a little bit and I’ll show you how to get the work of learning done.


So –  you have this team of experts you work with – maybe 1 person, maybe 4… and you know you want to grow the business.

You see a program that you know can improve a piece of your business,  so you decide to buy it and assign it to the person associated with that aspect of your business.

You ask them to schedule time each week to go through the material, take notes on takeaways and what can be applied to your business.

At the end of the program, you go through those takeaways and decide what you want to apply.


You can apply this over and over again.

Let me give you an example:  You have a program on Pinterest and you know the value of having a Pinterest strategy.  Yet, you have no time to be making pins, trying out new things, or time to go through the material.

So – you assign the program to your assistant and ask simply. Please go through this training and pick out the top actions we can take. They pick the top actions. Send them to you. You pick what you want to do and assign it back to them to apply.

Soon you’re getting traffic to your website from Pinterest, then perhaps subscribers, and perhaps eventually customers.

I’d say that was a good use of your team’s time.

A sweet side effect to making education a priority

Here’s an even sweeter side effect to “assigning” courses and other learning opportunities to your team…. you’re investing in their education and deepening their connection with your company.

Each time you give someone a chance to learn something extra – to grow personally, you’re giving them reason to stay, reason to keep applying everything they learn to your business.

You’re making them better members of your team.

So – next time you’re thinking you don’t have time to go through a program, ask yourself if someone on your team needs the info more than you – and would even be able to take action on what they learn.

Breaking it down + how to toss what you don’t need

So the process is simple.

Make it a “your call” kind of task – where you trust that they’ll the top action items for your business inside the program.

Assign someone on your team to go through the programs you’ve purchased but have not applied.  (Get someone else to paint the fence.)

Photo credit: Violentz

Photo Credit: Violentz

Give them one program at a time. Ask the person to make a list of all the things they think could be implemented and/or that would improve the company in anyway.

Review the list with them together – cross anything off the list that doesn’t fit or will have a marginal effect.  Keep the list simple and make sure your current team (even if it’s 1 person) can implement the list within a specific period of time (that you choose).

Schedule each item to be completed by a specific person and specific date.

Track + Review

After all items are complete, make sure to set up some way of tracking or reviewing what has been implemented.

Even a simple weekly review of Google Analytics or trackable links (let’s say if they were made in will tell you if your chosen to dos are having any effect.

After a month or two you should have some visible or at least trackable results to share with the course creator.  Make sure to give them that feedback, so they can feature your company testimonial and to make the product better if it needs that too!

Choose your first course now

Open up a google doc or other blank document – and list out all the courses you’ve purchased in the last 6 months to a year. Even if you’ve gone through them – add them to the list (because you probably haven’t fully implemented what you’ve learned).

Choose the first course you’ll have a team member or VA to review starting this week. Pick one that you’ll be able to see results from or that you know is important to start implementing right away.

Comment below if you’re stuck and don’t know what to choose! Plus – I’d love to know if you’re already doing this or something like this to improve your business.


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  1. This was very valuable, Anne – thank you! I definitely have a few info product courses that I have listened to (at least parts of) but haven’t applied fully into my business. This has inspired me to make time to go back and take real action on them, knowing I’m not sitting on any incredibly valuable information that could push my business forward.

  2. Katie Swinehart says:

    B-School…I’ve got to go back to the beginning and sort through it all before Creating Fame starts. 1 month to go!

  3. Carlie Hamilton says:

    OK, it is not just paid products. I have consumed so many great ideas of FREE material from people like Laura KR and Neil Patel that I should be applying.

  4. I’m doing something similar…after going back to a team of one (me), I put myself on course hiatus. Went cold turkey. I’m not allowed to buy anything until I’ve gone through all the great material that I’ve purchased over the last year (or two).

    As you suggested, I did make a list and giving myself a timeline to (re)consume them… to apply the goodness and make my business better.

    Also, I think it’s awesomely liberating to decide for yourself which things are good for you and your business. Not all advice is good advice. And not everything applies directly to YOUR business (or mine).

  5. This is my new favorite implementation strategy that I actually use! I have one of my team members going through the SMM course for me and helping me implement one course at a time!

  6. That is such a good idea! I’m starting to grow my team and I’ve never thought of that. That is why I alway read your stuff:)

  7. Niight Wind says:

    I agree Anne, I made a deal with myself that I would not buy another online course until i had done everything recomended in Creating Fame. It has saved me so much money and any time I want a new course I go watch a Creating Fame Video and see what I’m not doing:)

  8. As Sue Bates this is a great idea when you start to grow a team. So, having one person go through a training and then, pass it on to the rest of the team is genius.

  9. What a great thing to write about! I am such a learning junkie. I am always working on finding the balance between consuming information and taking the time to apply it.

  10. Really ,such an amazing article that it saves money and time in unwanted is true to the post concerned.Nice post.Thanks for the info.

  11. What a cool idea!