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The top 8 work habits I’m stealing from LKR (and you can too!)

Every work experience – both the good and the bad – leaves a mark on you. If you’re smart, you’ll take away the good lessons and processes you learned and apply them to your next job, business or project.

So it’s only been a few weeks since I left the comfy, cozy LKR lair, but I wanted to sit down and really take stock of the tools, strategies and ways of working that I learned from my 3 years at LKR and that I’m still using now!

Check out the 8 work habits I’m stealing from LKR… and I ain’t giving them back!

1. Work with people you know and trust and LOVE

One of the amazingly unique things about the members of Team LKR is that they all get along extreeeeemely well. Laura makes hiring decisions based on personality as much as on experience or know-how, so even the strongest applicant can’t get through the door if his or her personality just doesn’t match up with the collective team’s. When you have a great relationship with someone, you simply work better with them and FOR them. You want to keep up that wonderfully healthy relationship, so you go the extra mile to make sure they have what they need. When those actions are reciprocal, you know you’re working with someone who loves ya back.

love my team


2. 30 days and you’re out.

Have you been thinking about getting rid of something or someone for more than 1 month? Just do it already.  Find someone else. Find a new tool. Whatevs.  Get. Rid. Of. It.

LKR tests new offers, new technology, new ways of doing things all the time.  We give every new thing a good shake, but if we can see that it’s not a good fit after about a month of trying it we don’t get sad. We just drop it like it’s NOT hot.

3. That includes you.  Remove yourself.

If you’re laboring over something, dragging your feet, holding up the process in any way, it’s usually because you shouldn’t be doing it.  Fire yourself when you feel that resistance (UNLESS of course it’s directly related to the vision of your company).

Laura is a good example of someone who leads by example. You will often hear her say, “Oh that’s my fault,” “I wasn’t being clear,” or “that’s all me.” She has no problem identifying herself as the bottleneck in a process and then looking for someone to replace her on any task she’s been assigned.

4. Prioritize like a mofo.

You can’t do this too often.  With any new ideas and as work gets added to your plate,  you must do a quick check-in and ask yourself,  “Is this more important than the other tasks I’ve already got to handle?” If the answer is yes, do a shuffle and make a clear plan of what’s MOST important. Always be prioritizing.

5. Money goals in the morning.

This isn’t really an LKR thing, but it goes along with the take-action mentality that everyone on team LKR lives by; it’s definitely been a recurring theme as the company has made changes in its product lineup. Always know the What and the How of your business bringing in money.

List out the top money goals you need to achieve for the day and what tasks are associated with those. If you are just starting your business, you need to focus on the money coming in. That’s a primary driver in the infant stage of your biz. List 3 things to get done FIRST that will have an impact on revenue.


6. Use the LKR Thermometer.

You may think I’m joking, but I promise, it’s no joke. Create drawings to mark your progress toward specific goals every single day.

I had one when I was trying to get to a milestone number of subscribers. I had one for sales on both Fearless Launching launches. We’ve used them on the team to mark new Social Media Marketer members.

I like to think this trick kept me from obsessing too much about my goal but still allow me to set the bar for myself.

LKR thermometer

7. Make a quarterly + yearly plan.

This is self-explanatory.  Make a list of your quarterly and yearly goals.  These goals will get broken down into tasks and you’ll have your marching orders and priorities set from the get-go.

Laura does the first pass of goals for the year and then works with the team to put the plan together for yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly… down to daily goals.

8. Discover your best work time zones + your teams too!

Watch for patterns. Learn when you get the most focused, non-whiney work done. If this means you work weird hours, then work weird hours. Unless of course you have a family… but then, you probably have slightly weird hours anyway!

Do the same for every person you work with. In fact, it may be easier to just ask people when they work the best. Often you’ll find that challenging time zone differences turn out to be not so difficult and people end up all working at the same time! (I know this from first hand experience.)

Are you game to try any of these tactics?  If so, let us know which LKR habit you’ll lift from this list!

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  1. Loved the “work with people you love”. We spend about 90% of our life working or talking about work and it better be with people that we love.


  2. Carlie Hamilton says:

    I love the thermometer idea – going to put that one on my whiteboard!

    • The thermometer works… I actually think it’s because your focus is shifted to results – and each day you see it move, you take more action. And – even when it’s not moving you’re thinking – ok, how can I get it to move up… My fave too!

  3. I like the Thermometer idea. I like you revealing some of the secrets that make Laura and her team such a great success.

  4. Nelly Odessa says:

    Love this. Especially, the thermometer idea! xoxo

  5. Love the themometer (I have a few on my white board). I also love “firing” yourself or removing yourself when you are the bottle neck. I find that I procrastinate on things that I don’t really want to do…it would probably be easier to just outsource those things than to keep reassigning the due dates. LOL

    Great tips.

  6. I love the “non whiney” work! Have been watching me?! LOL
    I like the simple copy of when you meet your goals, i’m going to use that for sure!
    Thanks Anne.

  7. Money goals in the morning! Yes! My husband is fond of reminding me about adding extra meetings with, “will it bring you projects/clients/money?” Obviously, if the answer is no, don’t go! Thanks for the great tips!

  8. Storm Cestavani says:

    Such an amazing post. I printed this one up and am going to start using it daily. Thanks for posting this.

  9. I love the thermometer idea as well. There is something about a physical reminder that seemsto draw our goals into being. I’m playing with the idea of a success bingo card which would totally work for weekly, monthly, quarterly & annual goals. :-)

  10. You can have the best job you’ve ever had but if those who work with you clash, it affects everything and everyone! And absolutely never be afraid to admit when you’ve made a mistake. It only makes you stronger as a person and encourages others to learn from those mistakes. Great tips!

  11. I’m firing myself after this last pass at bookkeeping for the month! I DUH-RAG my self through this each month, and it’s such an affordable delegation. Somehow I like “firing myself” better than “delegation.” It makes it clear that I’m NOT the right person to do the job. (And thanks to you and a cross-reference to this blog, I have today’s blog post in the making…I’ll send it your peeps to be sure you see it!)

  12. Love the thermometer!! I’m gonna make one right now and see where my temperature is on some stuff. It’s a great idea to visualize your progress with a goal! I also really liked the “30 days and you’re out”- no need for any extra clutter in your life! The yearly and quarterly goals are essential. Thanks for a great article!

  13. #5 Money Goals in the Morning, is so fitting for me, and it’s something I need to work on. As a creative, I get so caught up in the projects that I am working on, and my money priorities are kind of flip-flopped. I love the idea of listing 3 things to get done, that will have an impact on revenue – such a simple idea!

  14. Jonathan says:

    I love the money goals in the morning (and the thermometer of course). Thanks giving me the lift I needed today!

  15. Thanks for the tips! A lot of those I’ve been thinking about. You know, it’s hilarious how often we don’t even take our own advice. (And yet we expect others to)! ;D

  16. Thanks for this great post Anne.
    Few lessons here for me the number one being – 30 days & you’re out. I do procrastinate with this, whether it is a contractor or a tool I am using. I guess, 30 days is a good time to evaluate things.
    The other things I need to incorporate is the money goals in the morning and thermometer concept. I am going to steel your idea and start with subscriber count.

    Thanks for sharing these great tips.

    You have a great week-end


  17. Boy, #5 is something I’m constantly struggling with. I tell myself at night that the money goals need to come first in the morning, then I get bogged down and distracted and before I know it, I’ve spent the day getting things done that, granted, need to be done but aren’t focused on revenue. I will figure this out!

  18. Brilliant habits. I kept this post in my inbox until I could get round to reading it as I knew it would be worth it!

  19. These were all so good! I love work with people you love. We recently adopted this and it’s been amazing shift for our team. We almost got into a partnership with someone and something just didn’t feel right, and we ended up going with someone else, and we’re so glad we did. Whenever we want to work with someone whether it’s on a one-time project or to hire on our team, we ask ourselves, would we want to go on vacation with this person?

  20. I have numerous ideas. Prioritizing and the 30-day limit for new things are my biggest takeaways from this article. I can use them together.

  21. “Firing myself”! I keep procrastinating certain tasks and pushing deadlines. It’s time to realize that I can’t do it all and find someone who loves doing it. Any SEO and PR freelancers out there looking for some work? ;)

  22. Wendy Tomlinson says:

    Great post. I love your tracking progress picture idea. I thought it was only me who did weird drawings like this. Works though.