Visualize Your Analytics: Numbers Can Be Pretty, Too!

Oh, you don’t love spreadsheets? Looking at your Facebook insights makes your head hurt? If you would rather do anything but track your social media analytics, have no fear math-phobes. There are swanky tools out there made just for us visual learners.

Reviewing your analytics can be pretty overwhelming. Once you finally wrap your head around what the columns and rows mean, then you get to enjoy figuring out whether they’re going up or down and if that’s a good thing. Next, you have the super fun task of developing a strategy to change those numbers to benefit your business. It can feel like you need an MBA and a Masters in Computer Science just to grapple with this stuff.

Analytics are like an obstacle course for your brain.

Y’all, there is an easier way. And it’s *pretty*. For us creative thinkers and visual learners, there are a handful of analytics tools that take all those gross numbers and paint a picture for you of your business’s online activity. Oh, and they’re gloriously free of charge!

Quick connect your Facebook, Twitter, even Instagram for free reports from this infographic wellspring. Sure, there are plenty of custom infographics you can purchase through the Marketplace. Don’t miss out on the labs, though! That’s where all the cheap as free magic happens.

What you can measure:

Facebook Insights
Select a Facebook fan page and see how it’s chugging along.

Google Analytics
Sync up your Google account and get a good lookin’ infographic of all your traffic stats. You can also send the report to yourself via email.


Twitter Showdown 
Compare your account to a friend or competitor and see how you stack up!



For the girl who wants it all: colorful graphs and spreadsheets, too! Check up on your Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Google Analytics, Google Plus, Klout, or Tumblr. As if that weren’t enough, there are free reports in development for LinkedIn and Pinterest, too. All of the free reports are emailed to you and can also be downloaded as a .CSV in case you’re feeling retro and miss those pesky ‘ole spreadsheets.

Access the Free Reports here.


Sum All

The great thing about sum all isn’t the apps it supports (# and growing) or the minimalist interface (so fresh and so clean clean). No, the real star here are the handy dandy email reports you receive every morning to give you a birds eye view of your biz. You can even connect a PayPal account and have SumAll tell you the dollar value of your social activity.

Start tracking your complete online activity with a free account here.



You can manually use the Twitter search feature to discover connections OR you can use mention map and see a colorful spiderweb of accounts and hashtags bouncing off each other. It’s so easy to find similar accounts, hot new hashtags, and research your ideal client/audience. Also, you can type your own name in and play a game of six degrees of desperation: how many connections does it take to get you to Ryan Gosling?


Check out what LKR is up to in the twitterverse right here.

Do you use these tools to help measure your online activity? Please share any other visualization apps you’ve found.

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  1. Hitting the share button now! This is awesome sauce.

  2. wow thanks for sharing. I was looking at visualy last night. It seems very interesting. (have to admit I am still overwhelmed by it)

  3. Thanks Ann for the great post! These are some awesome tools and just what I’ve been looking for to send analytics tracking to my clients.