“It’s been one of those months.” Why this business is dying for the Famous in 5 Challenge

Famous in Five Challenge is here and Ann Harris, social media coach at Southern Social Marketing, will be live-blogging the challenge right along with you. Not signed up yet? Click here!

About Ann:

  • Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Self-taught coder and Science Fair nerd
  • Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre (’cause why not?)
  • Started doing web design and developing Facebook pages for fun in 2008
  • Graduated in 2010 and moved to DC to become a famous actress
  • Started Southern Social Marketing in 2009 targeting anyone with a wallet. “My business plan was ‘work until you can’t’”
  • Had her first guest post published on LKR in 2013


Where are you in your business?

Several years in,  I’ve got more clarity on what I’m doing and, more importantly, where I’m gonna go next! Instead of just trading dollars for hours as a designer/coder for hire, I’m building a healthy little email list, creating videos, writing instructional posts, and I even wrote my very first workbook about how to run a Twitter chat for fun and profit. My business and I are ready to (as mamma says) put on our “big girl panties” and starting making some serious waves online.

Why Famous in Five Challenge?

The Famous in Five Challenge couldn’t have come at a better time. I am so excited about the idea of going through these exercises not all by my lonesome, but with a whole heap of ambitious entrepreneurs just like me. Plus, I feel like I have LKR as my own private business coach. Daily videos and worksheets about expanding my business growth? Sign me up!

All of us entrepreneurs struggle sometimes with icky self-doubts or a creeping, molasses-slow drip of clients.  You know that predictable rough patch that always comes right before a total-honkin’, mind-blowin’ breakthrough? Well, let’s just say I have been there before and, bless my heart, I don’t want to be there anymore!

That’s why I can’t wait to get started and score some sweet marketing mojo  in my business with the Famous in Five challenge. I will be live blogging the challenge right along with you, sharing my insights, challenges and hopefully results starting on September 3.

Are you thinking about live blogging your experiences during the  the Famous in Five Challenge too? Let me and the whole LKR team know in the comments below!

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Ann HarrisAnn Harris is an entreprenerd, INFP, and bona fide debutante behind Southern Social Marketing. RSVP to borrow Ann's brain for a fierce *pitch free* 15 minutes social media strategy session. Ann will be your Famous in Five Challenge buddy as she live blogs while going through the challenge herself. Join in on the challenge here


  1. Hi!

    Hey Laura, Thanks for inspiring me ! Yes, you have always motivated me in my Entrepreneur journey & someday i really wann meet you to just say “Thanks” personally.

    Let me introduce myself. I am kunal from India. I help small businesses to create effective social media presence by implementing right strategy without spending heavy budgets on internet marketing ( Specifically Facebook ) I am big fan of laura and following her thoughts.
    Right now i am focusing more to establish my image as a Social Media Expert and taking necessary actions for it. ” Famous In Five ” just came in time and i am very much excited to follow and implement things suggested here.

    Somewhere i really wann establish my image just like Laura among regional Entrepreneurs in India. I am planning to start Social Media Marketing Training Courses for regional entrepreneurs , in their mother tongue ( regional language ) – because many of them are not comfortable in English Language. But at the same time i want to scale my business to global level . I am kinda confused here. So looking forward for suggestions from your end as well.
    I would really love to participate in Live Blogging . I hope you will consider my request.

  2. Ann is fabulous! I was lucky enough to have a Skype chat with her a couple of months ago and loved her energy and insights. Plus, I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about her Twitter chat e-book. That reminds me. I need to go buy that.

    • Are you famous yet? Can’t wait to get you back on the phone/skype/google + so we can talk internet voodoo over mimosas :)

  3. Ann – I’m doing this too! Got my worksheet this morning. Glad to know someone who’s also going to be famous very soon ;)

    • Nicole – isn’t LKR awesome? I’m kind of sad the challenge is over today. How did your challenge go? Tell me I’ll be seeing your name all over my fave blogs soon!