3 Traffic Building Ideas You Haven’t Heard Of Before

Do you have enough visitors coming to your site each month? My guess is no. (Why? Because who doesn’t want MORE website traffic? Sign me up for even more, please!)

But how do you go about building more traffic to your site?

Do you just email all your friends?

Do you have to buy a lot of Facebook fans?

Just comment on a lot of blogs?


I’m going to tell you that although the above ideas could get you traffic, there are better, more creative ways to get more eyeballs on your website. You know, so you can get more subscribers, more leads, and ultimately more sales. So you can stop working so hard, right?

So what other ways are there to build traffic to your website?

I know that LKR is a big fan of guest posting (seriously – check out Creating Fame for the PRO approach to that).

But what else?

traffic building ideas

Here are 3 traffic building ideas you probably haven’t heard of before:

#1 – Create Something Awesome

I’m talking about the ohmygodIcan’tnotsharethiswitheveryoneIknow kind-of awesome. For me? This was my free Google Analytics course. For you? It could be any number of things. Maybe something crazy awesome like OfficeMax did with Elf Yourself around the holidays.

But I’d like to push you to create something crazy awesome and useful that relates more directly to your target audience.

What sort of crazy awesome thing could you create?

– Elizabeth Potts Weinstein created no-opt-in required legal checklists for small business service providers << the kind of thing you share because it’s free and awesomely useful. PLUS it positions her as THE go-to expert for small business legal help.

– AWeber created a holiday email marketing guide for small businesses << the kind of resource I’ll share with my tribe over and over again.

Small businesses not your target market?  There are still a bunch of different crazy-awesome things you could create:

– Are you a real estate agent? Maybe you could create a free simple calculator for what certain improvements to my house could be worth in the ultimate sell price.

– Are you a PR consultant? Maybe could create a free script template to use for my first media pitch.

– Are you a personal chef? Maybe you could create a free ultimate guide to storing leftovers complete with exact step-by-step of how to wrap, how long to keep, and what to give up hope on. (This one in particular could be great fodder for your first infographic)

When you create something crazy useful/awesome – it’s hard NOT to get a landslide of traffic from it – because people can’t not share it. Especially if you already have a solid social media following.

#2 – Get Credit For Your Discounts

Do you offer discounts to teachers? Students? Military? Some other special group?

Well get credit for it!

Teachers will love you for your discount, but so can The Google.

Teachers will love you for your discount, but so can The Google.

There are a TON of sites that like to gather together the discounts for their favorite people. One such site for teachers is this one.

Just shoot them an email and tell them what your discount is.

One word of warning – make sure it’s a real site, with real content – you want REAL people coming to your site after all, don’t you?

#3 – Host a Local Event

You know what’s a super-easy way to get a link back to your site from someone you’re asking to link back? Have an ACTUAL REASON for them to do so!

And there’s no easier actual reason than a local event.

This works especially well for small businesses looking to only dominate the search results in their local market.

The trick is to make sure the title of your local event matches up with some of the keywords you’re trying to get traffic for.

Don’t have access to local event space? Team up with a local biz who does who shares your target market. (Are you a real estate agent? Team up with a local furniture store. Are you a health coach? Team up with a local yoga studio or health foods shop.)

Holding a special event? Make sure you get SEO points for it.

Holding a special event? Make sure you get SEO points for it.

THEN go out and get your easy links! There are a TON of websites that round-up local events for people looking for things to do – like this one. You’re probably already familiar with the ones in your local market – you just have to shoot them an email with all the deets and the page on your website where they can find out more/register.

Of course – make sure this is a REAL event that’ll give you good marketing juju outside of just the link benefit.

That’s where the real power of SEO comes in – in applying SEO tactics to your existing marketing activities. It’s like a turbo boost for your marketing :)

What about you?

Do you have a favorite often-unheard-of way of getting a link back to your site? That comes with real ideal client prospective traffic? What do you think of these ideas?

Let me know in the comments!

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  1. These are awesome tips. Is so funny, because this morning I just reached out to a Title company near my office, so they can shoot me an email when they have networking events going on. Thank you for the creative ideas and so much more to come once you get out there and just network. I am still working on my site but every little things help to spark up more content and ideas.

    Madeline Yau