“You MUST give up Comparison-itis for today’s task” – Famous in Five Challenge: Day 4

Without slipping into the icky shame feelings from Day 3 (thanks, mom!), I was able to judge all my research sites objectively. If you start comparing your site to those you’re pitching to, you can get really disheartened. When going back through my list, it was tempting to start fiddling with my site based on the cool tricks I saw other people doing (y’all are very creative) – but no more! I am on a mission.

Ann Harris Famous in Five Day 4

Warning: You MUST give up comparison-itis for the Day 4 challenge.

  • Do you visit other people’s sites and then immediately go make changes to yours?

  • Do you always wonder if other people are making more money than you?

  • Do you struggle to find your own voice so you write blog posts that end up sounding like everybody else’s?

Honey, stop it! Stop the madness right now!

The hardest part of this challenge was choosing only three places to post! I wanted to try a bunch of different variations to see what would get me the most success. Still, it was definitely a tempting idea to only pitch to the biggest, baddest sites on my list. Almost as tempting as an unopened pint of Ben & Jerry’s, but we’re better than that y’all and we’ve got self-control (mostly). So instead, I tried to pitch to one great site from each tier of “bigness”.

I found sites that spoke to me, the kind of blogs I would want to read and be read about in. There are some sites that I was really tempted to pitch to, but they had mostly interviews or showcases of successful entrepreneurs. I just don’t feel like I’m ready for that, yet, so I skipped those and went for the blogs that featured tips, how tos, quick tricks, and other types of fun, accessible instructions for making stuff better.

The Final Scorecard

Blog #1 – The Everygirl

Blog #2 – Joyful Shimmy

Blog #3 – Quarterlette

The next three blogs I’m going to ping… (get ready for it!):

Blog #4 – iCoach Network

Blog #5 – Jess Lively

Blog #6 – Work Happy

How did you decide what blogs to pitch? Will you allow guest posts on your own blog because of this challenge? Let me know in the comments below!

Day 3 Highlights

Who knew spending a little bit of time over 5 days would bring about such momentum! It’s so exciting to be able to immediately take action on building my business. Thanks Laura for such a great challenge! -Kara

Well, I did it! It’s sorta like closing your eyes, pinching your nose shut and jumping in. Just get it done! :) I sent pitches to three blogs, and actually landed another guest post on Wednesday. Woo hoo! :) -Jennifer Bardall

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  1. Great post! I love how you said you were looking for “the kind of blogs I would want to read and be read about in.” Well said! Thanks for sharing!