“I’m falling in love with my business all over again!” Famous in Five Challenge: Day 1

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Famous In Five: Day 1 – All About Me / Approx. Time to Complete: 36 minutes


I’m falling in love with my business all over again!

LKR has done an amazing job of kicking this challenge off with a deep dive questionnaire. The first day is all about getting princess-cut clarity on you and your business. It was kind of like having a sleepover with myself. I went ahead and poured a glass bubbly while I went through the worksheets and sometimes I even surprised myself with my own answers.

Getting Down and Dirty

This challenge is not for the faint of heart! Day 1 of the Famous in Five Challenge asks some toughies like, “what was your biggest failure?” and “what makes you an expert?” that got my mental gears turning.

The plus side to the toughies (and it’s a BIG plus) is that now I am totally confident in my business. I know exactly what I stand for, what makes me different, and why I do what I do.

I had to be honest with myself about some flops that should’ve flipped, which stung a little bit. But you know what? Reliving those moments and thinking creatively about what I can do differently in the future, that stung a lot less than I thought it would.

Today’s Revelation

It is time to look at my ‘About’ page and make sure I’m telling my business’s story.

A quick check at what my ‘Description’ section on Facebook said about my business and, well, “ruh roh, Scooby!” The worksheet totally called me out. I normally tell people something like, “Oh, me? I started my business maybe a few-ish years ago because I was good at such-and-such.” That’s not a very compelling story! I used some facts – dates and locations – and didn’t really describe my business at all.

I finally feel like I have some strong bullet points that tell my story like no one else can. What about you? I would love to hear from the rest of y’all about your experiences on the first day of the challenge.

Did you struggle with the toughies? Or was the Day 1 Challenge surprisingly simple? 

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Day 1 Highlights

Just finished day 1’s exercise. Whew! That was a mental workout. It took me quite a while, because I was procrastinating answering the questions. Like pulling teeth. This is where insights come from! Thanks for the worthy challenge and the good questions, Laura! -Josh Lipovetsky

So far, so good! I had really lost touch with WHY I started doing this in the first place. I’m glad to have reconnected with my “why”!- Nicole Longstreath

Day #1 has been enlightening and a great way to jumpstart some productive Fall energy. It helped me see where I’ve been leaving potential $$ on the table and where I need to be placing more of my strengths. Great Day #1!- Jean C.

I’m loving the brainstorming for day one. I’m already discovering that I am master of my own destiny more than I was giving myself credit for. I’m inspired to be even better at my job! Can’t wait to see what I will learn in the next few days! -Melissa Ratti

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  1. Completed day one. Hmmmm its difficult to come up with answers when your business is a product bases business. But I am looking forward to what comes next

    • Looping back around… Dianne, how you doing? It’s the final day of the challenge, so I’m checking in on you :) Hope you’ve had some great breakthroughs and fame-making opportunities coming your way!