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Why No One’s Buying And How to Change It Today

Could you use a few more clients or customers?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs I know, the answer is a resounding YES! But you may be baffled about how to make it happen.

You know there’s many components to finding new customers. In fact, you’ve done a lot of them.

You’ve got a great website. You’ve spruced up the copy. You’ve had it all branded. You have your services listed with clear calls to action. You’re active on social media and people tell you they love your site… but you’re still barely making ends meet.

clipboard and pen

If you think you’re something missing, you’re probably right.

I’m going to tell you the reason you’re likely not getting as many clients as you want and exactly how to fix it. Because when you fix this problem, the clients start rolling in and the money worries begin to fade.

Why No One’s Buying

I’m going to cut right to it.

The reason no one is buying your services is because no one wants to buy services. In all seriousness, people don’t want “coaching” or “3 hours of copywriting.”

People want solutions.

Think about it. If you want to get your finances in order, you’re not looking for a financial coach. Instead, you’re looking for the solution to your financial problem.

If you want to sell your book to an agent for big bucks, you won’t hunt for a book proposal consultant. You’ll hunt for the person who can get you a deal with a bunch of zeroes on the end.

As a coach, consultant, designer, SEO expert, or writer, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking people are looking for us. But they’re not! They’re looking for a solution to their _______ problem.

So if you’re selling your services and not getting results, stop! Instead, show them that YOU are the solution to their problem.

Stop Selling Services and Start Selling Solutions

Here’s how to change your offers to entice new buyers.

Look at what you do and pinpoint the exact solution you provide to your customers. Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What issue is my ideal client/customer facing?
  • What’s the end result they’re after?
  • What’s their dream solution, the one you’re so perfect to provide for them?

Notice what your target people are really craving, and look at the world from their eyes. If you spend enough time thinking this through, it will eventually dawn on you exactly why you’re so great at what you do, and why YOU have the solution your clients are after.

blank paper and pencils

The best part is, as you write it all down, you’ll be able to craft killer copy that makes more people want to hire you!

Lure Them In

Once you see that you’re selling solutions instead of services, it’s time to make your solutions even more enticing to your customers.

The trick? Tell them exactly what it will take to get them the results they’re looking for.

For example, if you’re a personal trainer and someone wants you to help them prepare for their first marathon… what would you tell them?

  • Option A: They’ll need 24 training sessions with you.
  • Option B: You can get them from couch potato to soaring across that finish line in 6 months.

Option B, of course! It’s far more enticing to buy “Couch Potato to Marathon Finish Line” (woohoo!!) than “24 personal training sessions” (boring!).

Once you’re clear on what solution you solve and how long it will take to help a client solve that problem, you’ll have a clear, compelling offer that someone will be hungry to pay you for.

When you’re this clear, it’s also easier to talk about what you do during networking events. And we could all use a little help with those networking events…

It’s Your Turn

Could you use a few more clients and customers?  Do you see how changing your offers from services to solutions could bring more paying customers to your door?

It’s time to change your services into solutions, telling customers exactly how you’ll help them get the results they desperately want.

And then, all of that social media, newsletter, list-building stuff will really start to pay off!

Now, go make it happen!

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About Jenny Shih

Jenny Shih of is a coach and consultant for small business owners. Her clients are “idea factories” with growing businesses who need help planning, strategizing, streamlining and systematizing. She helps new entrepreneurs define their niche, learn the basics of marketing, and start making money. And she helps experienced entrepreneurs set up systems so they can get out of the daily grind and spend more time doing what they love.

Jenny is the author of The System Flight Kit, everything you need to create effective systems in your business, and The Idea Flight Kit, a step-by-step guide for turning your ideas into something real. Download your copies right here. They’re FREE!


  1. That first link is broken for me… i think it supposed to point to

  2. This is a great post by Jenny Shih. I tell people all the time your customers want to know why your solution matters. In other words, they don’t just want the features of your offer but the benefits. It helps my customers to think of it like as a simple math equation:
    Your customers pain point (or what they are paying you to help them with + the features of your offer( in Jenny’s example above 3 hours of copy writing) = why it matters or the benefit. So with the copy writing example the “why it matters is so that you can do more of what you love, make more money, attract more customers, and make a difference in the lives of your people.

    You see it’s about so much more than copy writing. It’s about the benefit and why the solution matters.

    Thanks for a wonderful reminder from Jenny Shih!

    • Jenny Shih says:

      Perfect addition to the post, Kendrick. Thanks so much for sharing.

      It is definitely important that we understand what our customers pain points are so we can clearly articulate that we understand where they are. And knowing the benefits is what sells them. So many people I see just share the features (e.g., 24 marathon training sessions), but not the benefits, like finally crossing that finish line.

      I love how you split out those different concepts. I know it will help people craft offers that people will actually buy!

  3. Em… What would you say to an figurative artist? Thanks, Jenny.