2 Things You Need To Know If You Want to Get More Customers (Without Using Slimy, Sleazy Marketing Tactics)

There’s this big misconception about marketing that I want to expose right now. You see, as entrepreneurs we tend to get caught in this trap of thinking that marketing gets us clients and customers. It doesn’t.

I know, that’s crazy talk, right? Well, hold onto your pants and hear me out.

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The thing is, marketing doesn’t get you clients and customers. It simply creates awareness about you and your offerings.

Yes, read that again and let it sink in.

Then, it’s what you do with that awareness that actually gets you clients and customers.

So, with that in mind, the question is: how can you encourage people to buy from you once they’re aware that you exist and that you offer what they need?

In order to get more clients and customers – without needing to resort to slimy, sleazy marketing tactics – you need to focus on two things: building trust and establishing credibility.

You need to focus on these two things because potential clients and customers don’t just buy from any Joe Schmo on the street. They buy from people they trust, and people who are obviously experts at what they’re offering.

So, how do you showcase your credibility and establish trust?

Let’s start with making sure everyone knows you’re a credible expert. Now, before I go any further I want to be clear that this isn’t about faking it until you make it. If you want a ton of clients and customers you’re going to need to actually know what you’re talking about.

With that said, let’s break down establishing credibility into 2 easy steps:

Step 1 – Make Sure That You’re Actually an Expert

Take courses, read books, hire coaches, learn from mentors. You want to do anything and everything in your power to become an expert on whatever it is you want to become known for.

So, if you promise a certain result, make sure that you can actually deliver it. In fact, make sure that you can over-deliver on that promise and completely rock people’s socks off!

Step 2 – Look The Part

Would you ever buy something from someone with a ridiculously awful website; out of focus pictures; testimonials that make you wonder whether their mom wrote them; badly designed business cards that were obviously printed on a home computer; and an email address like [email protected]?

I didn’t think so.

If you want to be known as a pro you’re going to have to go pro. Which means that you need to make sure that you have all these credibility builders in place if you want people to see you as an expert that they’d love to work with.

This means that you’ll want to have a professional looking website; get professional pictures done; buy a domain name and link your email address to it; don’t show up at a networking event with business cards that you obviously printed yourself; testimonials that aren’t vague and fluffy, but rather speak specifically to the big problems you solve and the solutions you provide. I could go on but I’m pretty sure you get my point.

If you want to be seen as an expert, you need to look like an expert. So, put yourself through the test and ask yourself, “Would I buy from me?” Seriously, ask yourself that question honestly, “If I came to my website; if I saw my pictures; if I got an email from myself; if I saw that business card… would I buy from me?”

If the answer’s no, then do what it takes to up your credibility so people are less likely to pass you by simply because they didn’t get the right “vibe”.

So, now that we’ve tackled how you’re going to establish your credibility, let’s move on to building trust.

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In order to build trust with potential clients and customers, I want you to remember this: trust is earned over time. That’s right, the chances of absolutely everyone landing on your website for the first time and immediately buying your most expensive offering are slim to none. People need to trust you before they buy from you.

The good news is that it’s actually really simple to build trust. Here are some easy, reliable ways that I’ve built trust, and what I encourage my clients to do to build trust:

  1. Be fully self-expressed. Make sure that you’re being yourself because people are pretty good at sniffing out a fake person – and people don’t trust fake people.
  2. Blog regularly. If people get to know you they’re more likely to trust you and buy from you because you’re no longer a stranger.
  3. Give away a lot of great content. Think of your “freebie” – something you give people for signing up for your email list – as a way for you to build trust. The more amazing it is, the more people will trust you because they’ll appreciate how much value you can provide.
  4. Be honest. Sure you could say, “There are only 2 spots left”, when really there are 20, simply to get people to sign up, but be careful. That kind of marketing could come back and seriously bite you in the butt!
  5. Reach out and give without expecting something in return. One of the most productive ways I’ve found to help me personally get more clients is my keep-in-touch strategy. Every day I reach out to at least 5 people – potential clients as well as colleagues – and give without expecting something in return. This may mean I share an article, I introduce them to someone who I think they’d love to know, or I just tell them how awesome they are. People trust people who go out of their way to be nice and helpful.

So, long story short, if you want to get more clients and customers – without resorting to icky sales tactics that make your skin crawl – then you’re going to want to focus on showcasing your credibility and building trust over time.

People may not be ready to buy from you right this second, but if you are the obvious choice as the go-to expert, and you treat people so well that they can’t help but trust you, then you’re likely to be the number one choice when they are ready to buy.

Now it’s time to take action: I want you to pick one thing you learned from this article that will help you showcase your credibility, and one thing you learned that will help you build trust. Then I want you to go make it happen. Hire a photographer, be a more consistent blogger, make some changes to your website, share something useful with someone else.

And remember, marketing doesn’t get you clients; it simply creates awareness. Then, once people are aware of you, you have the opportunity to showcase how much of an expert you are and earn their trust over time. Focus on these two key things and I’m positive that you’ll have sold out products and programs sooner rather than later.

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  1. Jenna this is spot on, awesome post.

    Step 2 item 5 Give without expecting to receive…..love it. Was speaking to someone this weekend about a book Give & Take. You have your 5% bottom who are givers but don’t make $ and you have the givers at the top 5%. Then you have takers and those who feel if they give they should receive 50/50. They talk about getting the 5% that naturally give to the top. Really good.

    Be Awesome ~ Mike

  2. Excellent tips! I definitely agree with the points you’ve shared. When it comes to blogging, you should focus about sharing information on things that you are familiar with, interested in and actually know about. If you don’t have a clear direction about topics you want to write, then it will be hard to create relevant and engaging content.

    If you stick to your lane, it will be easier for you to interact with other bloggers who share the same interest. People will be convinced that you are an expert on a particular subject and they will visit your blog for tips and advice.

    As a realtor in South Carolina SC real estate, I normally write about news, updates trends and things happening in the area. I also encourage questions regarding real estate related matters on my blog. This is how I build trust, establish credibility and engage with my web visitors.