These 20 Posts From 2013 Will Change The Way You Approach the New Year

It’s December, and you know that that means…

It’s time for the year-in-review post!

So let’s take a look back at some of the best content my blog and other blogs put out there for the world to see and benefit from.

top 20 blog posts of 2013

The Best Tools and Resources We Could Find

1. 30 Online Tools That Are So Good You May Have to Fire Someone

Why you’ll love it: This is a rundown of just about all the online tools, platforms, and frameworks that I use in my business to make it run so smoothly that I get to go off and travel the world.

2. Easy, Gorgeous Graphics for Your Business With Free Online Tools

Why I loved it: This guest-blost-of-the-year opened up my eyes to the different ways that we could take advantage of image-friendly social networks like Facebook and Pinterest by making our content more visually pleasing.

3. 3 Killer Sources of Copyright-Free Images to Avoid Getting Punched in the Face with a Lawsuit

Why you’ll love it: Because the sharing-culture of the Internet might have actually put you at risk of a lawsuit without you even knowing it. This post teaches you how to protect yourself and still find really top-notch images for your blog.

4. 5 Blogs You’ll Wish We Had Mentioned Sooner

Why you’ll love it: Ever since I started my business, I’ve always relied a lot on the advice that other entrepreneurs have imparted through the simple act of blogging.  I’m a loyal follower of the 5 blogs I mention in the post, and they’ve had major impact on the way I’ve grown my biz.

“How To” (Kick Butt In Your Business)

5. Drive Major Traffic With the Only Facebook Ad You’ll Ever Need

Why you’ll love it: In this post, I break down exactly how to run the Promoted Page Post ad so that it brings down your CPC and leads to more conversions. You’re going to want to bookmark this one and come back to it whenever you run new Facebook ads.

6. No, Really, Here’s How to Send Out Emails that Actually Do Something For Your Business

Why I loved it:  This year my team and I spent hours and hours crafting and editing emails – promo emails, orientation emails, the works. And once we’d sent them out, we continued the process by poring over the results: opens, click-through rates, and the sales or sign-ups they produced. This blost is our own guide for getting each email right, every time.

7. 8 Simple Fixes for Lonely Blog Syndrome

Why you’ll love it:  There’s nothing worse than pouring your blood, sweat and tears into a blog only to have a mere trickle of visitors (and the only comments are left by your mom). Read this post to find the cure for your blog’s case of no-reader-itis.

8. Upworthy’s 10 Ways to Win the Internets

Why I loved it: This one is actually a Slideshare and not a blost, but it’s definitely among the greatest pieces of content I’ve seen this year. It walks you through the process the Upworthy team goes through to make sure the things they share are completely optimized (and I mean COMPLETELY) for viral sharing.

9. The No-More-Excuses Newsletter Checklist

Why you’ll love it: Putting together and getting a newsletter out to your list can be daunting, especially a weekly newsletter. Here’s the story of why I chose a newsletter as what I wanted to be known for (even though previous attempts at newsletters left me pretty riddled with anxiety) and how to get yours written and delivered, week after week.

10. The Tiny Tweak From Google That Means Big Changes to Your Marketing

Why I loved it: Because it woke me and my team up about how we’re going to have to alter our SEO strategy now that Google will no longer dish about what keywords people use to find us on Google. You and I have to adapt to survive, but don’t worry – this blost explains exactly how to deal with having a lot less keyword data.

11. How to Reach Hundreds of New Readers With One Blog Post

Why you’ll love it: I get the sense that people think guest posting is only something “business celebs” can do and that no one’s going to accept a random blog post from a random business owner. But that’s SO not the case – you’re actually doing people a favor by guest posting! Read on to get the step-by-step guide to your next successful guest blost.

The Art of Marketing

12. Promotion Is Not a Naughty Word

Why I loved it: Remember all that hubbub about Gmail’s new “Promotions” tab and the ominous reports about how it’s probably/maybe affecting your email open rates and most likely your entire annual revenue?? Brigitte Lyons penned the perfect response to the panic, and I couldn’t share it fast enough.

13. I spent an hour with The Oprah Whisperer. (Oh yeah!) Here’s what I learned about telling a soundbite-sized story …

Why I loved it: Based on her session with media expert Susan Harrow, Alexandra Franzen shares the actual formula you can use to tell a story that gets people to take real action, without sounding cheesy or too pushy and salesy.

Your Business, Your Life

14. Working Harder Isn’t The Answer; It’s The Problem

Why I loved it: “In corporate America . . ., you are not a member of the elite-class, if you aren’t working 14 hours a day and repeating one of the familiar chorus lines of “I am crashing” or “I am slammed” or “I am totally consumed by . . . ”  The measuring stick and the badge of honor are the same:  the amount of time you spend at work.  It isn’t output.” This is one of the major problems facing the American workforce, and this article articulated its consequences perfectly.

15. Why Real Businesses Don’t Charge $5/Month

Why you’ll love it: The math is so clear that I bet you’ll raise your rates TODAY!

16. The Manual-First Startup

Why I loved it: I couldn’t agree more with Vinicius from Yipit about the virtues of starting simple and not getting bogged down by complicated technical aspects. You will never have a “perfect” product, so put it out there in the world today!

17. How to Leave a Job You Love

Why I loved it: My project manager (and good friend) Anne Samoilov left my company in June to continue growing her own business. This post is the honest truth about how she came to the difficult decision to go out on her own. Any 9-5er looking to leave a (safe) job will completely identify with Anne’s path to dedicating herself full-time to her business.

18. Stop Freaking Out and Just Freaking Enjoy

Why I loved it: Not only does Kate Northrup do great job of explaining why feelings of overwhelm can drag us down, she also provides 5 ways to, well, stop freaking out! Number 5 – ‘make a decision or two’ – is my favorite on the list.

19. Poor Pricing Kills Startups

Why I loved it: There’s no science when it comes to pricing, but Steven Dupree’s suggested process of finding the right price for your offerings made me think deeply about some of the plans I have cooking for new products at LKR Social Media.

Just For Fun

20. 11 Month Old Twins Dancing to Daddy’s Guitar

Why I loved it: BECAUSE IT’S CUTE! Need I say more? :)

I hope you enjoyed some of these (and shared them with your community as well – we’ve got to share the wealth!)

What were your favorite blog posts of the year? Please share them in the comments below – I just love discovering new gems, so hook me up!

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