Still Spending Ages on Social Without Any Results? I Created This Live Hangout For You

Since it’s still January of the new year, I want to propose a dramatic change in your business: you’re not going to play the guessing game anymore.

Here’s what happens when you guess in your business:

  • You waste time
  • You lose money
  • You don’t spend money where it needs to be spent
  • You reach the wrong people
  • You don’t reach anyone
  • You get frustrated
  • You get really frustrated
  • You give up on that idea you had because things aren’t working
  • You don’t see positive results
  • You get stressed
  • You start to resent your business

Does any of that resonate with your experience in 2013?

I’ll be honest: at the beginning of my business, I absolutely played the guessing game. That’s what you HAVE to do when you’re first starting out, because you don’t necessarily have the know-how or the resources to do anything else. But eventually I got smart and stopped guessing. Instead, I started writing a plan for everything I wanted to accomplish. One of the first plans I wrote was for my social media marketing strategy.

Sure, putting together a detailed plan is easy if you already know what you need to be doing. It’s just a matter of mapping out all the pieces and then executing them.

But you’re not guessing because you choose to. You’re guessing because you haven’t mastered it yet. Who can blame you? Yes, there’s oodles of content about social media floating around the Internet. But no one is really teaching you how to master social media marketing.

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Have you really decided to take that big leap and stop guessing in your biz? Then I want to reward you in my very first webinar of the year.


On January 31st at 4pm EST (that’s 1pm West Coast-time), jump on a live Google Hangout  with me to discover exactly how to . . .

Streamline Your Social

Mastering social media really is a simple 3-step process. And I’m giving it away to you and anyone else you want to invite to get in on this free workshop.


This time around I’m splitting the hour into 2 parts – in the first 30 minutes I’ll outline the 3-part strategy that I use in my own business to get leads and make sales on social media. Then for the last half hour it’ll be all about you and your business: I’ll answer all those questions that have piled up over the years about social media marketing (and any other business topics, for that matter).

So are you ready to finally nail down that top-to-bottom social media strategy for your biz? Click right here to sign up and don’t miss this live workshop!

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Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant.