This Guy Just Made Social Media Automation About a Million Times Easier

You know by now how much I believe in the importance of social media automation (and the importance of doing it RIGHT).

Even if you haven’t participated in Social Brilliant (which goes super in-depth into automation strategies), you’ve probably gotten the message. I’ve blogged about why it makes sense with today’s social network algorithms, I’ve debunked the biggest automation myths, and heck, I even created an entire free mini course that lays out a plan for getting started!

Bottom line, it’s reaching the point where this isn’t just the smarter way of doing things – it’s the only way that makes any sense.

And THAT’S why I want you to meet Edgar!

Wait, Edgar WHO?

In case you missed it, last week I went way in-depth behind the scenes of Edgar – my very first app EVER! This is a legit piece of social media scheduling software, and one that I’m darn proud of – and he’s finally ready for real. That’s right – Edgar is finally available for anyone, anytime. (Boo yah!)

So anyway, what does he do? I’ll tell ya.

Edgar is a social media scheduling tool – and he does things that literally no other tool out there can do. (Not to brag or anything, but yeah, he’s sort of one-of-a-kind.)

That’s because other scheduling tools are designed to do just ONE thing: publish your posts. You write a post, you upload it, it gets published, and *whoosh*, it’s gone. Lost to the wind, never to be seen again. So you keep writing new posts, refilling that queue, and crossing your fingers hoping that whatever gets published actually engages your audience, because it only has one chance.

That doesn’t make sense anymore!

Social media moves too quickly, and when you’re tangling with other factors like Facebook’s wonky algorithms, it’s WAY too easy for an update you worked hard on to slip by your audience completely unnoticed.

That’s why when you upload a social media update to Edgar, he doesn’t just publish it once and forget about it like other tools – he saves it in a library of updates that grows over time. After it gets published, he remembers it, and saves it for later.

Here – let me show you how exactly it works.

Think of all the different types of updates that you usually post. Odds are, they break down into a handful of different categories, right? Links to your blog, for example, or inspirational words of wisdom, or even just little wisecracks and witticisms.

Any time you upload a status update to Edgar, you mark it down for one of these categories (you get to create your own, and as many as you want). When Edgar saves it, he saves it in that specific category, so all of your updates are divided up by type.

For example, here’s what it looks like when I go to upload an update into Edgar:

Edgar dashboard

Why bother with categories? Easy – categories allow you to publish what you want, when you want, all automatically.

Remember – you can easily find out when the best times for you to post on social media are. You can find out when you get the most mentions on Twitter, when you get the most shares on Facebook, when your stuff gets retweeted – all the gory details that tell you EXACTLY what you should be posting and when. (Need a refresher? Check out my guided tours of Twitter analytics and Facebook Insights!)

The thing is, though, other social scheduling tools treat all your updates like they’re exactly the same, so you don’t have much control over what gets published and when. (Unless you schedule everything manually, and that’s NO fun.)

Edgar, on the other hand, allows you to build a schedule based on the categories you create. This means you can reach your audience with the type of content they’re going to engage with at the best possible times.

Here’s an example of what a schedule looks like inside the app:

Edgar schedule

You can do things like ask questions when you usually get the most replies, share links when you usually get the most retweets, and more – it’s the perfect way to make sure that your posting habits line up with your analytics.

Once you’re set up, Edgar does pretty much all the work for you.

Because Edgar saves all of your updates according to categories and knows which types to publish at what times, he’s able to handle all the busy work on his own. Edgar automatically populates a queue for your social accounts by choosing updates from your library.

After an update gets published, Edgar won’t repeat it until he’s published everything else in that category. This means he waits as long as possible before repeating an update, and by then, it’s most likely going to be seen by an entirely different segment of your audience – remember, only a very tiny sliver sees any given thing that you post!

So if you write an update that fails to find its audience the first time around, you don’t have to feel like it went to waste – it’ll get another shot later on!

Edgar allows you to spend your time on social media actually interacting with people, instead of stressing about running out of updates.

The more you use Edgar, the bigger your library of updates gets – and that means you can start spending LESS time constantly writing brand new updates and MORE time actually interacting with your followers.

Basically, you can relax for once, because you know that no matter what, Edgar’s going to keep replenishing your queue and posting updates to your social media – you never have to do it manually again. With him constantly working in the background, you can spend your dedicated social media time on genuine, real-time interactions – responding to your followers, performing outreach, and doing all the stuff that you just never have enough time for NOW. (You just might actually enjoy spending time on social media again!)

That’s not all Edgar can do, either – so it’s time to meet him!

Edgar has all kinds of other cool functions I didn’t even mention yet, like connecting with your account, supporting image posts, and more (like I said before, I’m super duper proud). So, wanna meet him for yourself?

Head right over here to where Edgar lives and you can learn more about everything he can do. And if you have ANY questions about him and his capabilities, by all means, hit me up in the comments section below! I’ll tell ya anything you want to know!

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