Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

Did you miss the beginning of my big tell-all? Over on the Creating Fame blog, I’ve been spilling big time about the long, weird road that took me from unemployed and clientless to being, you know, the me that’s writing this post! Check out this teaser for the final episode, Epsiode 8, then click on over to the Creating Fame blog to see what happens next!

2013 was my big year for listening – to myself AND to my business – so that I could find the clarity I needed to develop what would be next.

And it all started with a simple, tiny idea – the kind that doesn’t seem like a big deal at the time, but blossoms into something completely unexpected.

That little idea – that little seed – was a new program called Social Brilliant. I’ve mentioned before that one of my greatest strengths has always been organization – and as you’ve probably guessed, we take plenty of our own medicine around here, and we do a TON of social marketing to promote this business.

Chris and I traveling in Myanmar.

Chris and I traveling in Myanmar.

Over the years, I had created an original system – the best way to create and optimize content on social. Basically, it’s a system of creating social media content in batches, then implementing a system for repeating it, so you can build several months’ worth of content and then just cycle through it on social – this allows you to drive tons of engagement and site traffic without nearly as much work or waste.

So in November 2013, we launched Social Brilliant. At the core of the program is a spreadsheet, just like the one I’ve been using for years to plan all of my own social media. The idea is that you save all of your social media updates in the spreadsheet, so you can reuse them over time – but even with a sophisticated cataloguing system, it could get pretty unwieldy pretty fast. That, and you still had to copy/paste all of your updates into a scheduling tool at regular intervals, which could create a TON of busy work.

And that’s how the little idea that had been Social Brilliant started to turn into something else entirely…but to talk about that, I have to talk about Chris. (Uh, Chris who? Let me explain…)

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