Why the Social Media “Magic Button” is a Big, Fat Lie

I hear it all the time.

“I don’t understand why social media isn’t doing anything for my business!”
“How are these other guys getting so many fans and followers, and why can’t I?”
“Maybe social media marketing just isn’t the solution for me.”

And since I hear it all the time, you know what that means? It means you aren’t alone. It doesn’t matter whether you just started your first business or you’ve been an entrepreneur for years – social media presents a unique challenge for everyone, and if you can’t figure it out on your own, that does NOT make you a failure. Not one bit.

Don’t believe me? (That hurts, by the way. I thought we had something special here!) Just take a look at what one of the most successful entrepreneurs I know went through as he tried to build momentum on social – and how it inspired me to create a solution that works for everyone.

Meet my friend, Ramit Sethi.


Ramit is the real fricken’ deal. New York Times bestselling author of “I Will Teach You to Be Rich,” writer of a blog that pulls in hundreds of thousands of readers a month, and tweeter with more than 73 thousand followers.

In short, this is an entrepreneur who knows what the heck he’s doing.

But here’s the thing – there was a time when Ramit, just like everyone, didn’t have one single follower on Twitter. A time when he wasn’t leveraging social media to nurture and grow his massive fanbase. Because everyone has to start sometime, and we all start from square one. So how do you get from that point to the level of total social brilliance Ramit demonstrates on a daily basis?

Ramit’s Pickle and My Epiphany

Ramit came to me last year because he was in a bit of a pickle – the exact one I told you about at the beginning of this post. His business was a ridiculously huge success, but his social media marketing wasn’t living up to its full potential. In the beginning Ramit had written off social media, and now he was finally coming around to believing in its marketing potential.

Now, Ramit is a very smart, very advanced marketer. This is a guy with expertise in both technology and psychology, and who built up his own business from scratch. His marketing background, however, was mostly in direct response. He tried to outsource his social media efforts, but still wasn’t getting the results he wanted – not even from a professional agency!

And that’s when he came to me. By this point, I’d made a name for myself with online training courses like Creating Fame, so he asked me if I had any pointers so that he could really start seeing results from social media.

In a 15-minute phone call, I explained to Ramit how he could easily take social media in-house and produce excellent results by using content he had already created. He was wasting big money on an agency when he could have easily been mining all the content he needed from his existing blog posts and emails. I explained how simple social media marketing can be.

And that’s when I had my big epiphany – I had seen that social media strategy can be challenging even for really smart, really successful people! I wanted to see more people do what Ramit had done – and that’s where the idea for Social Brilliant came from.

You see, after witnessing how the right social strategy could make a big difference even for someone who is already hugely successful, I realized a few things about social media marketing – things that I had never really shared before in a cohesive way. Here’s what my experience with Ramit taught me – and what you need to remember the next time you’re getting frustrated.

1. Everybody gets stuck on some things (no matter how smart and capable they are).

I truly believe that you’re good at what you do. And goodness knows, you’re passionate – otherwise, you wouldn’t be making a go of it as a career! So if you’re struggling to leverage social media into serious gains for your business, it can be frustrating. It can feel like you’re learning how to ride a bike for the first time – everyone else seems to have the hang of it, so why does it seem so hard? Why does it feel like you’re the only one struggling to master this? Maybe there’s just something about you that means you shouldn’t even be trying to ride that stupid bike!

Well, I can tell you from experience, there is nothing wrong with you. Something wrong with your approach to social media marketing, maybe, but not with you or your business. Even entrepreneurs with seven-figure businesses can struggle to get their momentum going on social, and without a cohesive plan, you’re never going to get that momentum.

Remember, everybody starts from a dead stop at square one. And being good at what you do doesn’t mean that everything is supposed to just come to you naturally.

2. A strategy isn’t the same as a solution.

Everybody has had one of those times when the solution was right in front of their face. Like, you realize the light bulb wasn’t going in because you were turning it the wrong way, or you notice that you were reading the map upside-down. “Of course,” you say, “I get it now! All I have to do is just change that one little thing I was doing wrong, and everything will work out.”

Well, that may work for light bulbs and road maps, but it ain’t gonna work with your social media. Sorry, Charlie, but it just isn’t that simple!

A lot of entrepreneurs who get frustrated by their social presence start to think that someone else has the magic button. That the secret sauce is out there, and all they have to do is find it.

The thing is, though, there is no magic button. There are too many variables – your business, your audience, the social networks you use, the ways algorithms change – the list goes on! No matter what a marketing agency tells you, there’s no secret, proven “instant easy button” that always works. Looking for a magic button to your social media marketing is like asking a room full of people to name the best cure for hiccups – you’ll get a different answer from every person, and you just don’t know which one will work for you!

While there may not be a magic button, though, there are strategies – and a good strategy is your best friend when it comes to building and maintaining a social presence. A magic button is an answer, but a strategy is a tool – and it’s a tool that anyone can use to build whatever it is they need.
Teaching Ramit - LKR Social Media
That’s why I designed Social Brilliant the way I did. So that anyone who’s struggling with their social media marketing can get the tools they need to implement a plan that works. No one person can give you a “magic button” to your marketing, because they can’t predict what’s going to happen. When you have the tools to take care of your OWN marketing, though, you have the power to stay in control and to make the changes you need, when you need them – without relying on anyone but yourself. And pretty much nothing compares with how good that sort of independence feels.

3. The single worst thing you can possibly do is quit.

Here’s one of the things I love about Ramit – the guy is committed. By the time he asked me for advice, he had tried other things, and while those things didn’t necessarily work the way he wanted them to, he didn’t throw in the towel.

Giving up on social media marketing can be pretty tempting, I know! Every time you ask a question on Facebook that nobody answers, or every day your follower count doesn’t grow, it can be pretty easy to think that this whole social media thing just isn’t the right fit for your business.

The reason I told you that everyone starts from a dead stop is because it’s true – and because starting from a dead stop is the worst. It takes time to find your groove and pick up speed. For some people more than others, even! But every time you slow down or stop, you’re going right back to where you started from and undoing all of the work you already put in.

This is what inspired the advice I gave Ramit way back when, and what I repeat over and over in Social Brilliant. The worst thing you can do is quit, so the best strategy is the one you can sustain. The minute you start spreading yourself too thin, you’re taking a huge gamble, because if you can’t keep up, you’re going to slow down to that dead halt again. That whole “I don’t have time for social media right now because work is so busy and I’ll just get back at it in a week or two” attitude? It doesn’t fly. (You can find out for yourself if you want, but I wouldn’t recommend it!) Everyone has been where you are. Even someone as smart and business-savvy as Ramit. Even me! The people who get their social media marketing to work are the ones who never quit – even when they really, really want to.

It’s Time to Get YOUR Strategy

So you may have noticed me mentioning the name Social Brilliant a few times throughout this post, and there’s a reason for that. I created the Social Brilliant program as a way of giving you a real, actionable plan for your social media – the type of plan that grows your follower count, saves you time, and helps you build up the momentum you’ve been hoping for!

Social Brilliant is THE social media game plan you need to quit wasting time and turn your social marketing into a real contender, and it comes with all of the tools you need to get started TODAY. So check it out and see what it can do for you – and remember that nobody ever built a successful business by sitting still!

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Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant.


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  2. Your article is fantastic. One of the things I see, as a social media manager, is how many companies don’t realize every site is not essential to gain visibility. Also, most have no idea of their vision/mission and expect someone to come in and create it and manage it. I can do that but it’s something about being clear on where you are and where you want to be that I believe is key for every entrepreneur.

  3. Laura, LOVE your tips and totally agree, that the single worse thing one can do it quit! Finding a strategy that’s sustainable and scalable is key!! Great tips:)

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