Bookmark These: Our 16 Most Important, Most Awesome, Most Unskippable Posts From 2014

Here we are – last blog post of 2014! Between all the guides, case studies, algorithm deep dives, tips, announcements, and all that other good stuff, this blog has published 80-some posts over the course of the year – and today, I’m bringing you a look back at the greatest hits.

You want the best of the best of the BEST? I went digging through the archives and chose the best, most useful, and most popular posts of the year, so you can skip right to all the good stuff you might’ve missed!

So without further ado, check it out: The 16 Most Totally Awesome LKR Blog Posts of 2014!

(In no particular order – I can’t choose my favorite baby.)

The Ultimate Starter Guide to Marketing Your Business on Instagram

Marketing your business on Instagram

Wanna share square pictures like a pro? You might be surprised at how effective this social network can be for marketing a business – check out how the pros are using it, and which of their strategies you should totally steal!

Someone Figured Out the 5 Reasons People Share Content Online – and You’ll Never Look at Your Audience the Same Again

If you wish more people were sharing your blog posts, tweets, and other online content, this is a must-read. A study revealed that there are certain consistent reasons people share content – and I broke down what you need to remember when you’re trying to get yours blasted all over the interwebs.

A Guided Tour of Facebook Insights: The Best Time to Post on Facebook

Guided tour to Facebook insights

Facebook is chock full of statistics that will show you the times and days most valuable for YOUR page to be posting. Wanna post your best material at the times your audience is most likely to see and engage? I’ve got the full walkthrough to doing it right here.

When is the Best Time to Post on Twitter? Use This Hack to Find the Answer Inside Your Own Twitter Account

Twitter ALSO gives you all kinds of data that makes it easier to see how your tweets are performing and what you should be doing differently. This is your one-stop guide to reading the data and putting it to good use, so you can tweet when it matters the most.

Why the Social Media “Magic Button” is a Big, Fat Lie

Ever feel like other pros have some secret social media juju that you just haven’t gotten yet? Sorry to say it, but there’s no quick, easy solution after all. What those pros DO have, however, is THIS. (Sorry, no spoilers!)

Facebook is Cracking Down Hard on These Types of Updates – So Stop Sharing Them!

Facebook click bait

This fall, Facebook announced that some of the most popular types of posts for marketers to share were getting BLACKLISTED. Share these bad boys, and Facebook’s gonna give you a big ol’ slap on the wrist (meaning, your reach could go bye-bye). So, what are those updates you should be avoiding, again?

Literally Everything You Need to Know About Making a Successful Sales Page

Want your sales page to, well, make more SALES? I dissected some of the best sales pages I’ve seen to bring you this full list of everything YOUR page needs to really hook readers and make you serious bank. Which Sesame Street character can give you a majorly important lesson in sales pages? Find out right here!

7 Status Update Ideas That Will Completely Cure Your Social Media Writer’s Block

Status update writers block

Ever feel totally stuck when you’re trying to think of what to say on social media? It’s cool – happens to everyone! Check out these 7 super useful update ideas, complete with examples from the pros, to see how you can bust through your writer’s block and totally crush it in 140 characters or less!

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Uncomplicated Editorial Calendars and Business Blogging

Blogging can seem like a TOTAL CHORE sometimes, right? (You can admit it! It’s work!) If you take a teensy bit of time to set up an editorial calendar, though, you’ll be amazed how much easier and faster it all goes in the long run. Here’s exactly what you’ve gotta do.

How Vin Diesel’s Facebook Page Won the Internet – and How You Can Follow His Example

Vin Diesel status update

He’s the most popular actor on Facebook, and he manages his own account – no professional help needed. So how did Vin Diesel do it, and what can you learn from him? (Fun fact: Since I first wrote this post, his number of Facebook fans went from 69 million to more than 88.5 million. I’m still waiting on a thank-you card, but it’s cool, he’s a busy guy.)

Inbox Zero is my #1 Productivity Hack – Here’s the Guide to Getting It Done

Not to get all zen master on you, but a cluttered email inbox is like a cluttered mind. My favorite productivity hack is to keep it at zero – not zero unread, but zero PERIOD. How is that even possible? It’s actually not that scary, OR that hard.

Facebook’s Next Big Change is Coming – Here’s How to Get Ready Before It’s Too Late

Example of a bad Facebook post

Facebook is about to introduce a change that could spell serious trouble for some marketers. If you want all the details on what it is AND how to avoid any penalties yourself, this is a must-read.

Facebook Will Show Your Performance Data for Someone Else’s Page – Here’s How to Get It

Ever wonder how your Facebook performance compares to your competitors? Now you can get an inside peek at their stats! This guide to using Facebook’s Pages to Watch feature will get you started.

Confessions of a Newb: The Biggest Surprises from My First Foray Into Software Development

Edgar rejected logo design

As you probably know, earlier this year I launched my very first software program: a handy dandy lil’ social media scheduling app named Edgar. Now that you’ve used Edgar, check out this behind-the-scenes look at how he was created, and how much he changed between conception and launch!

This Is Why Nobody Sees Your Tweets (Explained by Math!)

If it ever feels like you’re tweeting and tweeting and nobody ever even notices…it might be because they don’t. And that’s not your fault! (Did you know that less than half of all Twitter users log on even once per DAY?) I crunched some numbers to illustrate just how many of your followers are likely to see any given tweet – and what you can do to improve those odds.

The Quick and Easy Guide to Making Your Twitter Feed Less Crowded Without Unfollowing Anyone

Twitter Lists

Twitter moves crazy fast – SO fast, it can be kind of a headache to follow along. Unfollowing people isn’t the answer, though – getting organized is! This guide to Twitter Lists takes you inside one of the social networks most underappreciated features, so you can make the time you spend there a lot more enjoyable!

So there you have it! The 16 most totally awesome LKR blog posts of 2014, all in one place! Check back in about 365 days or so, and I’ll have a list for the best blog posts of 2015. Until then, though, was there anything you read this year that totally changed your world? Any blog posts (and I don’t just mean mine, obviously) that taught you something too valuable to not share? Hook me up in the comments below – I wanna read ‘em!

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