What It Really Takes To Raise Your Wealth Setpoint To Seven Figures

I’m proud to say that I grew my business to the seven-figure mark within five years of starting. To do that you have to be smart, strategic, and willing to take big leaps into the unknown.

You also need to examine your underlying beliefs about making money.

Throughout my journey to becoming a seven-figure business owner, I’ve done a lot of conscious work on my “money mindset” – feeling OK with making money, spending money, and charging a fair rate for my work. And “money stuff” goes so much further than just money – it also encompasses thoughts about deserving, ease, and your own personal self-worth. (These are all topics that we dig into in the video above.)

Last year, Denise Duffield-Thomas and I teamed up to talk about overcoming your biggest blocks to wealth and raising your wealth setpoints. Denise is the creator of my favorite course about money mindset, The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp. (Yes, the name of the program gives you a taste of Denise’s personality!)

We hashed out some of the biggest money mindset issues that stop entrepreneurs from making as much as they should – including the things that used to get in OUR way! Watch the video to find out more about things like:

  • Why basing your prices on the other people in your industry can be a huge mistake
  • How you need to change your money mindset from the one your parents taught you
  • Why doing something you love and earning lots of money shouldn’t be mutually exclusive
  • How guilt stops lots of entrepreneurs from reaching their real earning potential

You can check out all that and more in the video above, and then I’ve got something really exciting to give you more info about.

Special Bonus For Marie Forleo’s B-School

Denise and I have partnered up to offer an incredible bonus for Marie Forleo’s B-School program. (Read more about how I was one of the first ever B-School success stories right here.) If you’re new to her, you’ll definitely want to watch the video to get a taste of what you’ll experience in her bootcamp.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below – do you think that working on your mindset is an important component to making more money? What struggles have you had in this arena?

And don’t forget to check out my B-School Bonus here – enrollment opens up February 18th!

  • Get rich.
  • Get famous.
  • And get an online biz that makes bank.
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About Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant.


  1. “Declutter other people’s houses” hahaha, oh yea baby, I charge for that. The return on investment for them is beyond the money… things shift in their lives that they don’t even see coming. LOVE that you both are on board with taking action, because action is where it is at…and the relaxing/playing/dreaming is perfect to keep the momentum going. So fun to hear about the behind-the-scenes mindset of B-School.

  2. No words for how much I needed to hear that today. Thank you!

  3. Wow, ladies! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Watching this gave me the kick in the ____ that I didn’t even know I needed! I’ve been thinking about B-School, and thinking “How can I afford this?”, but now it’s “How can I NOT do this?” Of course there are logistics involved, but if I put my mind to it, I can do anything, right? (No, I’m not sitting on my couch and expecting money to come to me, lol)

    Anyway, thanks again!

    • Hey Kim – I’m so glad this gave you some inspiration.

      I totally couldn’t afford to do B-School when I signed up in 2011 – I had made maybe a couple of thousand bucks total in my business – and seriously my husband was like “why are you signing up for ANOTHER course – don’t you know everything by now?!”

      It was hands down (and continues to be), the single greatest return on investment I’ve made in my business.

      Really hope you join!

      xx Denise

      • Denise,

        I’m so glad to hear you say that. I feel like that’s where I am. I’ve got business experience, but I feel like something isn’t syncing to get things rocketing. I’m up for the scholarship to B-School and feel that I’m in the right place at the right time to take B-School in and rock the world.

  4. Great post, Laura!

  5. Thank you Denise for bringing up the guilt I feel about how easy it is to run my online course. I’ve worked on it for a year, and spent soo much time, money, and effort in to it. I haven’t yet “paid myself back” and I already feel like I’m not giving enough and it’s too easy. I am acknowledging this block, but it’s going to take some work to clear it because this is the first time I haven’t traded straight hours for money.

  6. I adore Denise’s style – I’m a bootcamp member myself and it was the best investment I have made bar none. I love the Roeder/Duffied-Thomas combo here. Really insightful and inspirational.

    Thanks, lovely ladies :)

  7. I needed this! Thank you to the both of you.

    PS I’m already in BSchool (but for those considering, I’m confident this is the best Bschool BONUS)….Creating Fame is incredible!!!!!! I can not comment on Denise’s course as I’m jjust being introduced to her work, but it sounds great too.

  8. Great combination! You get them ladies!
    Very inspirational – I will take my messages to the forum. Many thanks.

  9. What an awesome bonus ladies! Anyone that wants to take b-school should be thrilled to get your brilliant programs as well :)

  10. You two rock!! It’s so exciting to listen to you guys talk :) can’t wait to start my own business…. I would really like to book b-school through you two amazing ladies. Since I’m already in the Money Bootcamp (which I love by the way) will the Bootcamp Money I already paid, get refunded?

  11. Ladies!

    Thank you so much for this video- this has been something I have battled with since I started my own business last year. Feelings of guilt for doing something I find easy, doing hour consultations that turn into two hours, and keeping my prices down as I battled with the idea of charging what I probably should be charging my clients. I am so glad to have found this today, really needed the reassurance!

  12. As I was watching this video I knew exactly what my money block has been for so long. It actually brought me to tears! My mom was a single mom with the 3 of us kids under age 3 when my dad died and she struggled to make ends meet her entire life. She had to work so hard and never did get out of debt before she died. The thought that keeps coming into my mind is, “Who am I to make a lot of money? I don’t NEED that much money – I am so blessed with what I do have, that I don’t feel I should ask for more.” Thank you for helping me see how limiting that is! I already am a B-school member, so I don’t qualify for the package, but I’m definitely going to check out the Money Bootcamp. I think I NEED to. Thank you!

  13. Thank you so much Laura and Denise for making me not have to choose between your B-School offers! I’m so excited and feel like I’ve got the perfect Trifecta with B-School, Creating Fame and The Money Bootcamp. I’m ready to sell an organ, the kids or the hubby (but not my pug!) if necessary to get in this year. I can’t wait!

  14. Loved this interview! And the laugh parts in the end. Thank you Laura for telling that story about Seinfield. I think it is a sign for me to keep going with my idea. Denise you are spot on! Loved “I am enough” (without “good”)

  15. Love this video! So great to see you ladies in action! Cheers from New Zealand. Nat, Go to Girl