Recipe of the Day: Whipping Up a Mean Batch of Social Media Updates

Have you heard? The Edgar Blog is home to all kinds of social media strategies, guides, news, and how-to’s! This week, we’re talking about how to prepare social media updates in big batches, and how it can make your marketing way more effective – check out this preview, then click on over to the full post to get the whole scoop!

Say you decided to start having a cookie after dinner every day.

(Because you’re just good to yourself that way.)

You probably wouldn’t bake one cookie every day, would you? Whisking together a few drops of egg, a few pinches of sugar, a sliver of butter, and a couple of chocolate chips so that you can bake a lonely little cookie doesn’t make much sense. You’d make a whole batch of cookies at the start of the week, get all the work out of the way, and then spend the next few days enjoying the fruits of your labor. (Well, not fruits, but you get it.)

3-24 lonely cookie

Turns out, cookies aren’t the only thing you should whip up in batches. Preparing your social updates in batches can make your life a whole lot easier, too.

Living your life one status update at a time doesn’t make any more sense than baking the lonely cookie over and over. It means you have to start from scratch every single time – maybe not with raw ingredients, but with the mindset you put yourself in to accomplish the task.

It gets in the way of your schedule, because every time you want to share something, you have to set aside the time to write it and post it. You end up task-switching all the time, which can wreak havoc on your productivity without you even noticing.

Basically, it’s a total pain.

So what’s the trick to social batching? How do you measure out and prep everything you need ahead of time, so that you aren’t starting over from scratch every single day? Find out on the Edgar Blog!

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