Building a Social Fanbase: What You Can Learn from Baskin-Robbins, Aristotle, and Three Important Questions

You’re used to people asking questions about you and your business.

How do you compare to your competitors?

Are you worth the cost?

Is your customer service any good?

Whether they’re asking you directly or using social media to gather opinions, before people feel confident enough to do business with you, they’re gonna need some answers.

And so should you.

The majority of people only follow one to four brands on social media, so if you want to be one of those brands, you need to know your followers (and potential followers) as well as they know you – or better.

The social media analytics experts at Simply Measured recently conducted a study of 1 million Twitter users who follow brands on social, and learned a lot about what makes them tick. You can download the study here, but in the meantime, let’s take a look at what they discovered, and how it can answer some of the most important questions you have about your audience.

How do you get more followers on social media?

Because let’s be honest – who doesn’t want a higher follower count? Building your audience on social has a real snowball effect, because the more people you’re reaching, the more opportunities you have to get shared and get your brand in front of even more people.

Generally, people find your brand on social in one of three ways:

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Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant.


  1. Samantha Stauf says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! I love when articles contain really high authority sources. Can’t wait to dig into the study.