Two Times You Should Give Your Audience What It Wants (And One You Shouldn’t)

When you first stop and think about it, following a brand on social media doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

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Seriously, though, why do it? You fast-forward through TV commercials. You click YouTube’s “Skip Ad” button literally the second it pops up. Why volunteer to have branded content show up in your social feeds?

That’s the question BuzzStream and Fractl recently posed to nearly 1000 respondents – and if you want to get more people to follow your brand on social media, you’ll definitely be interested in what the data has to say.

So what can you do to make more people want to follow you on social? What can you do to make them unfollow you? And what’s the fatal mistake you might be tempted to make by paying TOO close attention to these stats?

Let’s break it down into three major lessons.

1. Why people follow brands on social media

First things first. What is it about a brand that makes any given consumer want them showing up in their social feed?

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