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How to Improve Your Blog Traffic Using a Social Media Calendar

When it comes to the world of online content, planning is key. Proper planning can increase exposure, and it can help you stay organized enough to cover all your bases. While there are tons of different types of planning calendars – everything from editorial to your yearly/monthly goals—it’s important to have a social media calendar… [Read More]

The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Hooking More Devoted Blog Readers

It’s tough. When you spend hours crafting a blog post with great content, helpful tips, and an actionable takeaway, you deserve to get lots of people reading it. But, what happens when you don’t? What happens when no one – or only a handful of people – read it? What do you do? How can… [Read More]

Facebook’s Q3 Earnings Call: 10 Things You Need To Know Right Now

Facebook turned in another strong quarter with some surprising statistics like a 247% increase in ad prices, hints at Facebook groups spinning out into their own app, and no desire to build their own payments platform. Keep reading for a quick summary of the most important parts of the call including my own analysis on… [Read More]

3 Psychological Marketing Tricks You’ve Already Fallen For (and How You Can Use Them Yourself)

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had the power to persuade any consumer, anywhere, of anything? (Don’t lie, the only true answer is “yes.”) It’s probably for the best that brainwashing techniques of that magnitude don’t actually exist, considering what would happen if they fell into the wrong hands. That said, the human brain comes… [Read More]

3 New WordPress Plugins for Scoring More Shares, Subscribers, and Superfans

Since 1953, the superspy James Bond has traveled the world foiling clever plots and outwitting dozens of worthy adversaries. But while Bond is a one-person army, his success frequently relies on brilliant inventions prepared for him by Q. Without his rocket-launching cars, exploding watches, and sword canes, would he have attained his many successes? Even… [Read More]

4 Sneaky Hacks to Squeeze More Time Out of Your Day

You’ve got huge ideas for your business. You’d love to take on new clients, explode your Facebook page, or develop your own product. You even know how to do it. You know what needs done to make it happen. The problem? Time. Your Ideas are Bigger Than Your Hours You’ve got too much on your… [Read More]

Why You Still Feel Broke Even When Your Business Is Raking It In

Entrepreneurs aren’t great money managers. That’s not to say they mismanage their business finances – most don’t – but they often struggle to effectively manage their personal economies. My father was a serial entrepreneur. His businesses flourished, but at home he was constantly broke. When dad died, my brothers and I took over his final… [Read More]

List Building on Steroids: 5 Creative Uses for Landing Pages

Lead generation isn’t exactly a term that gets most people all jazzed to tackle a new day – except for me. I mean, lately I can’t seem to get enough of this stuff! And what’s better, I’ve stumbled onto some seriously simple but incredibly effective strategies for harnessing the potent power of landing pages. So… [Read More]

5 Offline Marketing Tactics for Introverts: How to Put yourself out There Without Feeling “Icky”

Some people have a gift for being able to walk into a room full of strangers and walk out an hour later with two new best friends and at least one new client. It’s an extrovert’s world out there, and we introverts can feel ill-equipped to be heard and make a difference. There are plenty… [Read More]

How to Use Pinterest to Connect With Your Ideal Client

photo credit: VintageAmanda Connection + engagement. That’s the magic combination small business owners are trying to achieve with social media. It’s not enough to have a lot of followers—we know the importance of cultivating a relationship with our potential clients.  We want to show them that we “get” them, that we’re one of them, and that… [Read More]