Steal These Strategies: Instagram Marketing Tactics from the World’s Top Brands

Think about how much time you sink into promoting your business on Twitter, and then consider this: Instagram is officially more popular. For real! As of December, Instagram has more monthly active users than Twitter. That’s 300 million users and counting, yo. (Twitter is still around 284 million.) So I’ll say it again: think about… [Read More]

Facebook Photo Tagging And Your Privacy: What You Need to Know to Get It Right

Facebook privacy is a tricky thing. On the one hand, you want to make yourself super accessible, so that new friends can find you and you can expand your network. On the other hand, though, you want your privacy – and sometimes, Facebook’s interest in learning about you can be a liiiiittle on the creepy… [Read More]

Is Hiring a Social Media Intern for Your Small Business the Best Idea Ever, or the Worst?

I always like to ask people what frustrates them about blogging and social media, and usually, they say the same thing. It isn’t that they don’t like writing blog posts about their business. It isn’t that they don’t love spending time interacting directly with fans and followers! It’s that they hate, hate, HATE all the… [Read More]

Inbox Zero is My #1 Productivity Hack – Here’s the Guide to Getting It Done

Here’s a little snippet of an email I recently sent to my team: “I want to get us all back on board the inbox zero train. I honestly believe it’s one of THE most effective things you can do for productivity.” I sent out this email in the middle of one of our busiest times… [Read More]

How To Create Your Own Pinnable Graphics

As one of the newest social media websites, Pinterest has already climbed to the #3 spot in social media for most visitors right behind Facebook and Twitter. How about that for growth? No matter what type of business you’re in, you probably have a few tips or words of inspiration that you can share with… [Read More]

Filling Your Books With Clients Fast: A New Twist On An Old Strategy

Editor’s Note: This post from 2012 was a HUGE hit with our readers, so it’s definitely time to bring it back. Why now? So you can put this strategy into place ASAP and lay the groundwork for an incredibly profitable 2014. Read all the way to the end to learn exactly how I continue to use this strategy to… [Read More]

The Stress-Free Guide to Raising Prices

You know it’s time. Maybe it’s the frustration you feel when you look at your bank account. Or the brewing resentment when you get on the phone with your clients. Or the realization that you’re really, really good at what you do. Whatever the reason, you know it’s time to raise your rates. But you’re… [Read More]

Make These Small Tweaks To Your Site And Immediately Bump Up Your Opt-In Rate

Watch Derek Halpern of Social Triggers give me the low down on my site. Derek is genius at “knowing what makes people tick online”. Here he gives me the skinny on things I can do better on my site to capture more leads, more sales and make the experience for you, the reader, just plain… [Read More]

5 Email Subject Line Best Practices We ALWAYS Follow

How many times have you meticulously crafted an email campaign, spending hours polishing the content, the format, and the offer, only to throw a last-minute subject line at the top before hitting send? No big deal, it’s not like anybody’s going to buy anything based on just the subject line, right? Wrong! The truth is,… [Read More]

Drive Major Traffic With The Only Facebook Ad You’ll Ever Need

So you want to try out Facebook Ads for your business. Good idea! Facebook ads can help you drive more traffic to your website, get more Page Likes, and increase your brand awareness. I have a secret to share with you: there’s one kind of Facebook ad that can actually do ALL of the above… [Read More]