10 Small Business Blogs That Belong in Your Bookmarks

You know how much I love blogs. (And no, not just my own!) I mean, in the past, I’ve used this space to recommend some of the blogs that I read for inspiration, news, tips, and advice. Today’s gonna be a little different, though! Because everybody on my team has their own individual area of… [Read More]

These 20 Posts From 2013 Will Change The Way You Approach the New Year

It’s December, and you know that that means… It’s time for the year-in-review post! So let’s take a look back at some of the best content my blog and other blogs put out there for the world to see and benefit from. The Best Tools and Resources We Could Find 1. 30 Online Tools That… [Read More]

3 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss The Next World Domination Summit

I spoke at the first World Domination Summit back in 2011, and in 2013 I returned as an attendee. Here are the 3 big reasons why I keep coming back: Inspiring Speakers Now that I’m a little farther along in my business, I find that conferences usually aren’t the best forum for learning business strategies… [Read More]

Easy, Gorgeous Graphics for Your Business with Free Online Tools

Viral social media posts today are hyper-visual, and your business posts must follow suit. Users online have all the attention span of caffeinated goldfish so it’s even more important to showcase your fabulosity with stunning, beautiful imagery. That makes hiring a professional graphic designer one of the best investments you can make in your business… [Read More]

5 Blogs You’ll Wish We Had Mentioned Sooner

I love blogs. Business, travel, lifestyle: you can find every shape of content on the planet with the right link. But I’m just like most of my customers: I need about 15 extra hours every week to stay on top of all the great blog posts constantly being published. So I have to limit myself…. [Read More]

LKR’s Gift Guide Week 3: Office Supplies to Get Your Biz On

You’ve seen our favorite small business tools and our favorite small business books, this week we’re sharing cool office supplies that make work fun.  We fully embrace that we are geeks for planners. Something about these make it more fun and actually inspire us to plan ahead! Desk-It Weekly Calendar Anne our project manager is… [Read More]

LKR’s Gift Guide Week 2: Books to Get Your Biz On

Last week we shared some handy dandy small business tools to help you get your work on. Our gift guide continues this week with one of our favorite things, BOOKS! You can never go wrong with gifting books and the books below will go far beyond the winter break. These are books that have taught… [Read More]

My Numerology Reading from Melani Ward

Video no longer available Melani Ward is doing a very cool series on her blog where she reads interprets the charts of entrepreneurs, and I told her I was dying to know what she discovered about me! I have actually worked with Melani before to receive her brilliant insights on marketing/business/sales but I hadn’t had… [Read More]

The Utensil Method

Transcript: [0:00:00] Laura Roeder here. I have a technique I want to introduce to you today that no one else on the internet is teaching. I am the only one. Are you ready? When you do this, you are going to suck the money out of your customers. You are going to suck the money… [Read More]

Attention Wilco Fans: Win A Signed Drum Head! Attention Dolly Fans: Win A Signed Guitar!

Dolly Parton autographed guitar to be awarded to donor by Girls Rock Camp Austin Dolly Parton signed a guitar for Girls Rock Camp Austin, a nonprofit organization in Austin, Texas.  The organization is currently embroiled in a celebrity challenge called the “Social Media Smackdown for Charity.”  Brea Grant, best know for her roles on Friday… [Read More]