Literally Everything You Could Possibly Need to Know About the New Pinterest Analytics

If Pinterest isn’t already part of your social media strategy, it’s about to be. “Oh, but Pinterest isn’t really right for–” NOPE. Don’t click away just yet. Even if you’re not using Pinterest right now, y’all are gonna wanna check this out. See, it’s been just over 2 years since Pinterest stopped requiring people to… [Read More]

How to Use Pinterest to Connect With Your Ideal Client

photo credit: VintageAmanda Connection + engagement. That’s the magic combination small business owners are trying to achieve with social media. It’s not enough to have a lot of followers—we know the importance of cultivating a relationship with our potential clients.  We want to show them that we “get” them, that we’re one of them, and that… [Read More]

Warning: This Means the End of The Pinterest Time-Suck

Have you been dedicating lots of time to Pinterest, pumped up by the sheer volume of visitors it receives each day, but not entirely sure how that investment of your time was paying off? (Confession: at LKR we started paying attention to this social network only in the past year but I’m so glad we… [Read More]

Five Mistakes to Avoid on Pinterest

Pinterest puts the fun back into social networking, both for business owners and the followers who love them. By simply following a few best practices, you can use your Pinterest boards to win new followers and convert them into customers. When used right, Pinterest can bring you new business, but when used incorrectly, Pinterest can… [Read More]

Why You Should Join Pinterest NOW

For more information about Pinterest, check out Zero to Pinterest inside Social Media Marketer!

Quick-start Pinterest Tips for the Visual Entrepreneur

Chances are, you’ve heard of Pinterest by now.  It is one of the fastest-growing social networks online at the moment and is used by over 20 million people – men and women alike – to make plans or find ideas for everything from their wardrobes, vacations, house renovations, weddings, to anything else where visual inspiration… [Read More]

SEO: Put a Pin on It

How can I use Pinterest to increase my SEO? I thought links from Pinned images are no-follow links? While it is true that links from the pinned image itself are “no-follow” links – meaning that they aren’t indexed by search engines, there are ways to boost your search engine rankings using Pinterest! Here are a… [Read More]

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Part 5: 7 Tips To Get Targeted Followers

You’ve got your Pinterest site set-up, learned that service businesses can utilize Pinterest, got some hot SEO tips  and even brushed up on your social media networking etiquette.Let’s wrap up our Ultimate Guide to Pinterest and get some followers. Show Off Your Brand People need to know about your company and be exposed to who… [Read More]

The Ultimate Pinterest Guide Part Two: No products? No problem.

Upon writing this Tipsy Tuesday tidbit, my Yahoo! home page announces “President Obama Joins Pinterest.” Pinterest is gaining increased momentum in the social media world. While the whole concept of “pinning” is only for images, how can a service-based business use it? Or how in the world can President Obama use it for you know,… [Read More]

The Ultimate Pinterest Guide Part One: How To Set Up Your Pinterest Account

Joining Pinterest The frenzy over the online corkboard, Pinterest, has even the most skeptical of social media users addicted. Remember when Facebook and Google+ were invite only? Currently Pinterest is the same, when you enter the site you will be greated with a box prompting you to request an invite or login. If requesting an… [Read More]