How to Reach Hundreds of New Readers with One Blog Post

One of the best ways to get exposure for your business is by appearing as a guest blogger on other people’s blogs. I’ve made it an integral part of my company’s marketing strategy: we want to keep bringing new visitors to our website, some of whom will turn into customers. When another blog can introduce… [Read More]

The LKR Power List of Things to Post on Instagram

Instagram – so hot right now! It’s the social network where anyone can try his hand at “professional” photography. Plus sharing and commenting on photos on a phone have never been so easy. No wonder they have over 90 million users! So how can you take advantage of those numbers to promote your business? Instagram… [Read More]

Facebook Test-Drives Changes to Get More of Your Money

“Why hello there, Facebook! Have you done something different with your hair?” Facebook is not afraid of change. There’s a new News Feed coming that’s supposedly going to rock our visual world. Are you ready for it? The other important news for those looking to get more exposure on Facebook is about their Promoted Posts. Not… [Read More]

3 Ways to Get Ready for Facebook’s Next Big Change

We’re about to see some major changes from Facebook! Everyone feels different about change, especially ones that can greatly affect our business. But whether we love it or not, these guys decided to dramatically redesign the Facebook News feed. The good news? Facebook knows what a powerful tool it is for marketers, so it tends… [Read More]

Are Your Emails Turning People Off? How to set up email analytics without going insane.

The task of tracking what happens in your emails – feels like a big one. It might even make you feel a little dumb. I know tracking any analytics, stats, or performance in the form of numbers has the power to make even the smartest entrepreneur want to call it a day. Personally – I… [Read More]

How to Find and Get the Most Out of Your Most Effective Emails

Do you know which emails that go out to your mailing list perform the best? Do you track opens, clicks, and spam complaints (at the very least)? What about replies or emails that lead directly to sales? If you aren’t doing this on a regular basis, then you are missing out on the chance to… [Read More]

Why You Don’t Want Your Videos to Go Viral

This might shock you, but you really don’t want your videos to go viral. After all, do you want 15 minutes of fame or do you want a sustainable business supported by your video marketing strategy? My guess is that you’d much rather achieve the latter! Viral video only looks at one measure of success:… [Read More]

The Number One Secret to Get Subscribers (Hint: It’s Not What You Think)

Size may not always matter, but when it comes to your email list, bigger is usually better – especially when your subscribers are the right subscribers: people who are interested in what you are up to. Otherwise, who will buy your programs and services? Your social media fans are great, but it’s not likely they… [Read More]

Automating Your Social Media: Inside Scoop on Buffer

By now, we’ve established how important social media automation is to help you save time on social media marketing. We’ve hooked you up with deets on Hootsuite, one of our LKR favorite automation tools. But, Hootsuite isn’t the only tool in the automation shed. Another website that can be a huge time saver for you… [Read More]

How to Build Your Email List

The key to getting email subscribers might not be what you think! Find out the key to growing your list and how to convert your social media fans into subscribers with a sneak peak video into December’s List Building course. Need some more tips on building your email subscriber list? Get the list building scoop… [Read More]