Make These Small Tweaks To Your Site And Immediately Bump Up Your Opt-In Rate

Watch Derek Halpern of Social Triggers give me the low down on my site. Derek is genius at “knowing what makes people tick online”. Here he gives me the skinny on things I can do better on my site to capture more leads, more sales and make the experience for you, the reader, just plain… [Read More]

Talking to Your Ideal Customer

Unfortunately, Social Media Marketing is closing down! No need to worry – you can see all of our great products on our shop page. Watch this sneak peek inside Social Media Marketer’s “Your Profitable Website” course and learn the best way to reach your audience. Here, you’ll learn the importance on getting specific on who your… [Read More]

Why is Viral Video Dead?

Unfortunately, Social Media Marketing is closing down! No need to worry – you can see all of our great products on our shop page.

How to Guarantee That Your Videos Get Shared on Social Media

It’s simpler than you might think to get your videos to “go social” . It’s not about fancy lighting, professional equipment, or a magical perfect video length. Instead, it boils down to one thing and one thing only: Content Your video content is what will determine if you go social or if you’re marketing to… [Read More]

Video Virgin? 3 Keep it Simple Videos to Promote Your Business Without a Film Degree

So – you haven’t done a TON of video to market your business. No welcome video. No launch videos. No weekly Q & A. You like to write your blog posts and present your content via the written word. But here’s the hitch. You’re smart. You know…how could you not, that video is a great… [Read More]

Why You Don’t Want Your Videos to Go Viral

This might shock you, but you really don’t want your videos to go viral. After all, do you want 15 minutes of fame or do you want a sustainable business supported by your video marketing strategy? My guess is that you’d much rather achieve the latter! Viral video only looks at one measure of success:… [Read More]

3 Easy Ways to Flood Your Website with High-Quality Traffic

#1: TeleSummits & Webinars.   One of the fastest ways to build your email list and reach new clients is through telesummits and webinars.  My client more than doubled her list by hosting one simple telesummit!  A month ago she had less than 400 people on her list.  Over 500 NEW people — people not already… [Read More]

How To Create Engaging Online Videos: 6 Questions To Answer Before Pressing Record

I’d be preaching to the choir if I tried to convince you that online videos are the future of branding and marketing for your business. Yet so many of us still struggle with getting started creating videos of our own. As a professional actress, on-camera consultant, and Creative Director of a rising web-video production company,… [Read More]

Five Easy Steps To Rockin’ Video Content

Whether you run an online business or a brick and mortar store, there are a number of great reasons to incorporate video on your website.  The interactive nature of videos will make your website more interesting and engaging than text alone.  Video allows you to convey a personality and brand for your business, as well…. [Read More]

How To Use Your Intuition To Hire The Best People

In this video you’ll learn about… what is intuition?! letting your intuitive side to lead in hiring decisions Have you used your intuition to hire someone great for your company? Share your comments below.