LKR Relaunches It’s Keystone Program, Your Backstage Pass to Twitter, to Aid Small Business Owners in Leveraging Twitter for Lead Generation and Sales

The fully updated program offers members an easy-to-understand roadmap on how small businesses can harness the power of Twitter

October 12, 2011 — Santa Monica, California– LKR, a social media training company leading small businesses on how to increase leads and profits using Twitter, Facebook and online marketing, today announced the relaunch of their highly proclaimed Twitter program, Your Backstage Pass to Twitter.

Your Backstage Pass to Twitter, was created by social media expert, Laura Roeder (@lkr on Twitter) to help small businesses learn how to use Twitter on a business level to increase leads, sales and find partnerships. The on-demand program, which is housed in the cloud, offers convenience for the busy small business owner, allowing them to watch and learn at whatever time is best for them.

“The team at LKR is constantly searching for ways to help the small business owners and solopreneurs in navigating the online world to help further build their business. We get small business and know the time and money constraints that come with it,” commented Laura Roeder, the founder and CEO of LKR. “That‘s why we’ve completely revamped the way our Twitter program is taught. We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure it’s extremely user-friendly, with all of the core lessons taught in just one hour and via online.”

LKR’s Your Backstage Pass to Twitter’s virtual interface makes it available to small businesses around the globe. It takes the small business owner step by step on how to set up their Twitter account and then dives into meaty topics such as how to use it to grow your list, sell your product and create relationships with key players in your industry all in just 140 characters on Twitter.

“When I took LKR’s course, Your Backstage Pass to Twitter, I was a complete Twitter rookie. I didn’t know a hash tag from an @ message,” said Bobbi Palmer, a relationship coach for women. “The course was amazingly content-rich, covering everything from the basics to tips, techniques, and etiquette known only by the most experienced tweeters. Laura delivered the course in such an engaging and effective way, it was easy to learn with her.”

“Twitter was a critical player when I launched this company three years ago and it continues to be one of our highest avenues for leads,” explained Roeder. “I want to help small businesses realize the power of this completely free online tool to grow their business. In today’s economy small business owners need to find marketing resources that have maximum reach for little money spent. Twitter is the perfect tool to reach a ton of people in a casual, fun, yet targeted way.”

To find out more information on Your Backstage Pass To Twitter and hear Laura Roeder talk about why small businesses should be using Twitter to grow their business click on the video below:

About LKR

LKR is a homegrown, grassroots training company that delivers only the best and most up-to-date knowledge in a package that is fun and easy to consume. As a tech-focused small business training resource, they help small businesses leverage technology to remain competitive.

About Laura Roeder

In 2009, Laura Roeder used Twitter to launch her training agency, which has grown to a six-figure business in under three years. She is a social media marketing expert who teaches small businesses how to become well-known and claim their brand online. Laura is the creator of Creating Fame, Your Backstage Pass to Twitter and author of Facebook Fame: The Facebook Marketing Bible for The Small Business.

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