The Social Media Selling System

You already know that social media works for building relationships . . . but what about actually creating more sales (also known as cash money or the stuff that makes your business exist?)

On my free webinar The Social Media Selling System I’m going to spell out exactly how to use social media to sell your stuff. This method works whether you’re a brick and mortar, service-based, or e-commerce business (or anything in between!)

And don’t worry – nothing spammy or pushy. I’m actually going to teach you to sell by sharing great freebies (sneaky huh?)

After this free online seminar you’ll be able to:

  • Use social media to know for sure that people have “raised their hand” to learn more about what you sell
  • Prep your friends/followers to buy from you
  • Develop promotions that people actually spread and share with their friends
  • Move prospects from social media sites into your sales funnel
  • Sell your products or services directly from social media (remember this works whether your business is online or offline)
  • Do all this without losing the “relationship factor” or driving people away

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