The WordPress Guide For Small Business

The WordPress Guide For Small Business

What’s the difference between and vs
  • Easy to get started
  • Free hosting
  • Can only use themes and plugins offered by WordPress
  • Pay for any additional customization
  • Complete freedom and control
  • Self-hosting (that you have to pay for)
  • Can use third party themes and plugins
  • Can customize however you’d like


Is WordPress just for blogs?

No, you can use WordPress to build your entire website as well as use it for your blog. With WordPress, you can update and edit your entire site including adding pages, text, and images without having to mess with HTML or web design software.

What’s the difference between a post and a page?

Post Image

A Post

  • Displayed on blog’s homepage
  • Listed in reverse chronological order
  • Ex. A blog post
Profile Image

A Page

  • Static
  • Not listed by date
  • Ex. An About Me page

I’m not very computer-savvy, can I really build my own website using WordPress?

Add New Post

You can’t use that excuse anymore! You type into WordPress almost exactly like you would type into a Word document. Simply type in what you’d like to appear on your website, choose the font, color and size and voila!

The great thing about WordPress is that you can get as in-depth as you want with HTML and coding. If you’re into it, dive in! If you have no idea what that even means, don’t bother. WordPress gives the user control and lets you work within your comfort level if you want to get fancy schmancy and put your coding skills to use.

How much does WordPress cost?

Domain Name

Domain Name:

In simple terms, this is your URL ( Domain names are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased for under $10/year. We recommend using Dynadot.

Domain Name


Does the thought of uploading WordPress to a hosting site make you nervous? No worries, most hosts have one-click WordPress installers, so check with your hosting provider. HostGator is only about $10/month, but I also recommend Synthesis, which starts at $27/month and was created specifically for WordPress sites.

Domain Name


Setting up a brand new site can take time. You want to make sure you have your website the way you envisioned it.

Is WordPress good for search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization Graphic

WordPress is great for search engine optimization! No matter your level of familiarity with SEO practices, WordPress makes it easy to up your website’s visibility on Google. Besides being great on it’s own, there are loads of plugins, both free and paid, that you can use to boost your site’s SEO.

What are plugins and do I have to pay to use them?


Wordpress Application

WordPress offers over 10,000 free plugins. Plugins are tools that enhance the functionality of WordPress. There’s a plugin for almost every need you can think of. Just Google it or or search

Some of my favorite plugins:

Optimizes your site for search engines

Allows you to add the Facebook “Like” button to your WordPress site.

Allows you to schedule blog posts and social media mentions in a drag-and-drop calendar.

An eye catching social media sharing bar.

How do I utilize WordPress for SEO purposes?

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to using WordPress to improve your site’s SEO. As mentioned above, plugins are great, and WordPress already comes equipped with many tools of it’s own. For detailed information on how to fully utilize WordPress for SEO, take a look at this post.

Technology is always changing. How do I know if my WordPress site needs to be updated?

WordPress is awesome with keeping you updated. You’ll receive a notification any time a plugin or feature needs to be updated, or you can click on Plugins on the left side pane to see what updates are available.

Wordpress Plugins Graphic
Wordpress Theme

What is a WordPress theme?

Themes affect the appearance and functionality of your website. They can range from being fixed, to extremely flexible. Which theme you choose depends on the type of business you’re running. If you only require a landing page for your brick and mortar business a simple theme is fine. An online business should consider a more flexible theme that you can build upon as your business grows. Themes can be either free or paid. Paid, or premium, themes usually offer support via the theme developer. Free themes are offered through WordPress here.

Can I change my website’s theme or colors?

Did you design your whole website with a theme or colors that you thought would look awesome and turned out kind of “blah?” No worries, WordPress lets you change your layout at any time with the click of the mouse. (P.S., There are over 17,000 free themes to choose from!)


Wordpress Theme Graphic

What will I be able to change on my WordPress site?

The great thing about WordPress is that it’s totally user-friendly. You can change themes, colors, page names, and content at any time with just a few simple clicks.


Wordpress Theme Graphic

Is WordPress suitable for my business?

Wordpress Businesses

WordPress works for any business, small or large. If you are just starting out, great. If you have established visitors to your website, that’s wonderful too! WordPress can support anything from large corporate sites to small, homegrown blogs that started out for fun.

To see the great variety of websites that WordPress has helped launch, see their showcase of websites.

Can I use WordPress for e-commerce? Can I accept payments?

There are various free e-commerce plugins for WordPress including Ecwid, eShop, WP e-commerce that can help you set up an online store on your site. Just find an e-commerce plugin that suits your business’ needs. WP e-commerce for example, lets you accept checks, money order, PayPal, Google Checkout and Chronopay.

Even if you decide to pay for a special feature you’re looking for, most options are under $50.


Am I going to have to give some of my generated profit to WordPress?

No way, Jose! Any traffic and attention that your website gets is all yours! If your website is really doing well and you are getting more clients than ever, that profit goes directly to you!

Give yourself a pat on the back and don’t worry about having to give WordPress any percentage of that new money earned!

Can I integrate social media into my WordPress site?

Wordpress Social Media

There are many plugins that you can download that automatically embeds social sharing links on your pages (like this one). You ever go to a business web page and see that you can “like” them or “follow” them straight from their website? Welcome to social media, baby!

You can even integrate Facebook comments onto your WordPress website, display latest tweets in the sidebar of your blog, and add sharing buttons for various social media services to your pages, posts, and homepage.

What is a WordPress widget?

A widget is a component of your website that invites readers/viewers to act in some way. Common widgets are Facebook follow buttons, Twitter timelines, and search bars. No coding experience? No problem! WordPress widgets can be dragged and dropped into your sidebar with ease. Go to Appearance>Widgets in your dashboard and try it out for yourself.

How do I integrate Twitter with my WordPress site?

Wordpress + Twitter

Absolutely! And please do!

There are many ways to integrate Twitter with WordPress. You can embed tweets directly into blog posts or automatically tweet new posts, but the most common way is to add a sidebar widget displaying your latest tweets. You can create a widget through Twitter to embed on your site or go the easy route and use a plug in, like this one.

How do I integrate Facebook with my WordPress site?

Wordpress + Facebook

There is actually an official Facebook plugin for WordPress that allows you to post new blog posts to Facebook as well as add a “like” button and comment box to the bottom of posts.

How do I integrate Pinterest with my WordPress site?

Wordpress + Facebook

Adding a Pinterest “Pin it” button makes sharing your content on the popular site super easy. Grab the widget here.

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